Saturday, February 9, 2013

lavender oil and a rabbit trail.

lavender oil
Remember when I told you I was meeting with some friends to make some herbal goodness? This is the lavender oil that we made...fresh lavender leaves, chopped up fine and topped with organic olive oil. We were instructed to shake it and turn it once a day...which I have done...for a month. Now it's ready to turn into something wonderful.

The next herbal meet-up is this coming Tuesday...the plan is to use this lavender oil to make lotion. Sounds great, doesn't it?

There's only one problem...I started going to Zumba...on Tuesday nights...and I really like it. (Who knew?)

I have set some goals as of late...exercise being one of them.

But so was learning more (and doing more) herbal remedies and beauty products.

It's going to be hard to choose...

I really enjoy learning about herbs with a group of people.

But if I listen (which I haven't done so great at lately) I know that the exercise needs to take precedence.

Because really, I can make lotion at home, on my own, following recipes in one of the many herbal books I've acquired.

But the chances of me doing Zumba at home? Yeah...pretty slim.

I think it's settled.

Either way...this gorgeous lavender oil will be put to good use...maybe just later rather than sooner. And that's OK. Priorities...right?



Denise said...

yes, zumba is the priority!!

teekaroo said...

I do zumba too! Who knew that exercise could be fun? It is a tough decision though. I had to choose between zumba and a knitting group one time, but then I didn't have a working car anyway, so I did neither. :)