Thursday, February 21, 2013

I knew this would happen.

I held off for as long as I could. I really did. I fought the urge...told myself I didn't need the latest and greatest...or all the bells and whistles. I told myself that not only did I not need it...I really didn't want it, either.

I mean, come on. Did I really need something else to occupy my time? Did I really need to be walking head down, eyes glazed over, squinting at the too-small screen of a smart phone? Did I?

Why yes...yes I did.

What? Did you really expect me to keep my super cute silver flip-phone forever?

OK, I had to give up my beloved flip-phone 2 years ago when I dropped it in a pool. I was so sad...I loved my little silver flip-phone. I did. But since it drowned I was forced to get one of those slide type phones, you know, with a fancy keyboard for easier texting?

And it was did the job.
But I never loved it.

Well as it turned out, right around Christmas time my cell phone was due for an upgrade...and then of course iPhones were on sale...and I really didn't want much else for Christmas...and truth be told?...I really, really wanted to be able to use Instagram. BAD. (Words with Friends was also high on the list of reasons why I needed a smart phone. Ahem.)

So I caved and  made the very educated and well thought out decision to get an iPhone. I bought it for myself and gave it to Chris to wrap up and put under the Christmas tree for me. (Oh yes I sure did.)

And now? I am on Instagram. (Pretty sure I downloaded the app ON Christmas morning! With the help of my boys, I admit.) And just like I thought...I am loving it! How fun to just grab my phone, snap a quick photo and keep on going.

Don't get me wrong...I still love my real camera. I do. Very much. I love photography in general. But Instagram (or IG as some say) just satisfies something else for me...well, I guess like its name implies...I love the instant gratification of it.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that...but it's true. No lugging around a heavy camera in a very heavy camera bag. No digging out the adapter to transfer photos from the camera to the computer and then to flickr and then to the blog. Not to mention all the steps in between of re-sizing photos, deleting photos and storing photos. It's a lot!

Don't get me wrong...there is no comparison to a photo taken out of a real camera. IG doesn't allow me to adjust settings or zoom in or out therefore it will never take the place of my Canon. Ever. I love that camera.

But for fun? And for a quick documentation of things going on throughout the day when I don't have my camera with me? It's good. It's fun. And I'm glad I finally jumped on the IG bandwagon.

Hmmmm...why does the word "lemming" keep coming to mind?


Denise said...

it is fun - I agree!

teekaroo said...

I still have my heels dug in. No smart phone for me, but my flip phone is starting to not work so well. I am dreading the day that I have to move on.

Jennifer said...

Smartphones are so much fun - little handheld computers...I used to laugh at my friends who were so attached to theirs but now I'm one of them. Instagram = LOVE! :)

Lisa Gallup said...

I can't wait to get an iphone! It won't be for another year though, when our current contract is up. We had Droid smart phones, then went back to a "dumb" phone with this last contract. BIG MISTAKE!! I, too, wanna play on instagram!! Waahhhhh!