Saturday, February 16, 2013

If you give a mom a list...

I made a plan of things I would do this weekend...clean our room, dust and vacuum the living area, clean the kitchen including washing and scrubbing all items on the counters and the walls.

I got started in our room, hanging clothes, piling laundry, making a donation bag, dusting...and I needed some Windex so I went to the hall closet. And as I reached for the Windex I saw the Arm and Hammer bathroom cleaner so I grabbed it and decided to see if it would work on those little rough spots on the tub floor that prevent us from slipping. The dirt just sticks in those darn things.

So I spray the cleaner in the tub and scrub with a doesn't work well enough. So I go to the garage to get a green scouring pad and while I'm out there I realize I hadn't started the load of wash yet. So I start it...and trip over a flip flop on my way back into the house.

So I tidy up the shoe pile...for safety purposes.

I pass through the kitchen and realize I'm thirsty so I get a glass of ice water.

I head back to the bathroom and scrub those little spots in the tub with the green scrubby. And it works. Although I think I may have scrubbed off the non-skid stuff altogether. I suppose we'll see when one of us bites it in the shower. I don't really care because at least those little non-skid spots are not permanently brown anymore...they were driving me crazy!

While I'm at it I spritz the bathroom sink and give it a wipe know, since I was in there.

I head back to our room and pick up where I left off. But then I notice the light coming in through the old stained glass window and decide I need to take a photo. And of course I need to load it to Instagram. Then I need to see what others have shared. I like a few things and then get back to work.

But then Chris comes home for lunch so I make him a nice sandwich. Then I realize I'm hungry, too. So I make an amazing salad. I was inspired by these while perusing Pinterest earlier this morning.

I sit down to eat my salad and decide to check email. And I'm notified that there's new activity on Flickr. So I click the link and decide that I want to share my Instagram photos on Flickr...which reminds me that I need to do a blog post. It's been quite a while since I last wrote.

So I sit down to write a blog post while the original Planet of the Apes plays in the background. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid. That and The Blob. Anyone else remembers Creature Features? I always felt so cool when I could stay up really late to watch scary movies.

Seth's friend just stopped by...he got to walk over piles of sorted laundry in the hallway. I guess that's my cue...

Time to get back to that list...


teekaroo said...

I was just remembering the load of laundry that is waiting for the dryer. I have used a magic eraser for the tub bottom. Works well. :)

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

A Magic Eraser...great idea teekaroo!! Why didn't I think of that?