Wednesday, February 20, 2013

sunshine on a cloudy day.

Aunt Lisa came by yesterday...and guess what she brought? A loaf of crusty french bread! She showed up at my door with this lovely loaf of bread and when I looked at her wide-eyed she said, "I read your blog." I love it. (Oh, and Aunt Lisa? It went with the soup perfectly! Thank you!)

But guess what else she brought? Yep. A bagful of Meyer lemons from her backyard tree. That tree produces like you would not believe. The lemons are so juicy and delicious (not to mention, photogenic).

We visited for a while...talked "shop" (we both work for the school district)...talked about my cousin's upcoming wedding (SO exciting!)...talked, talked, talked. Conversation never lulls with any of the women in my family, really. That is something we never lack at family gatherings...good conversation. And lots of laughs!

After she left I decided to make fresh lemonade. (I should have made it while she was here! What was I thinking?) I got Noni's glass juicer out of the hutch and got to juicin'. I ended up squeezing about 3 cups of lemon juice. It smelled divine. Then I followed this recipe...loosely. (Do I need to keep telling you that I follow recipes "loosely"?)

Meyer lemons are sweeter than a regular lemon. So I knew I didn't need to add as much sugar. The recipe called for 2 cups. But I only added 1 1/2 cups. And even that was a bit too much. So here is how I will make lemonade the next time...which very well could be today!

Meyer Lemonade

3 cups of fresh lemon juice 
4-5 cups water
1 cup sugar

And I can't help thinking about how good God give us beautiful, vibrant citrus fruits in the dead of winter. Like a little glimmer of hope to get us through the long, dark winters.What a beautiful plan He has...

My soul, wait in silence for God only, 
For my hope is from Him.
Psalm 62:5


teekaroo said...

What a thoughtful aunt you have!

the simple woman said...

Oh, I love your last thought...makes your lemons even sweeter :-)


Denise said...

to have a lemon tree sounds so dreamy!! enjoy the rest of your week!!

Nancy said...

fresh squeezed lemonade sounds delish. and, i could use some's snowing. looks like blizzard conditions out my back door. they're predicting 12" by end of the day. i am SO glad to stay home! planning to do some baking and make potato soup with bacon for dinner.