Friday, January 9, 2009

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I often visit The City Chicken (where I got this beautiful photo!) for inspiration and encouragment regarding raising chickens. This past summer at our church fund-raising bazaar my friend brought beautiful brown eggs to sell. Honestly, I'd been a bit grossed out by brown eggs forever. What was I thinking? That they'd be brown inside as well? I'm not sure...I just know that they were different, and brown, and so I closed my mind to them. It wasn't until I began really caring about where my food came from and what was IN it that I began to open my mind to a more natural way of things. That would include the use of brown eggs...or blue or green. I purchased a dozen brown eggs from my friend and my whole world changed! I know it sounds a bit dramatic...but honestly, to know that my eggs came from a few miles down the road from chickens that were loved and cared for and given ample space to roam and BE CHICKENS made all the difference! And to be able to know 100% that the eggs came from healthy, organic chickens made it even better. No antibiotics. No hormones. And they were delicious. Once winter hit "the girls" slowed up their production...and my brown egg supply ran out. I purchased brown eggs at the grocer a time or two...but they are just so expensive! Eventually, our budget didn't allow for the purchase of brown eggs...and I had to resort to my 18 pack of regular old white eggs from Safeway, Buy One, Get One Free deal like I always used to. Yes, the price is right. But it's just not the same when you reach into that egg carton and pull out an egg that came from who knows where from a chicken that probably couldn't even stand up, stretch out or see sunlight. Amazing what a little knowledge can do to your food experience.

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