Saturday, January 31, 2009


Sometimes there just aren't words to describe how you feel about something...or someone. These are my maternal grandparents, Noni and Papa. In this photo we were celebrating Noni's 91st birthday with an amazing meal of steak and lobster...her favorite. Papa will be 93 in April. It's hard to put into words how this picture makes me feel. It's hard for me to believe that they are so OLD. It seems like just last week I was spending a week or so of summer at their house drawing pictures with Papa and choosing trim for a hand sewn outfit Noni was going to make for me while I was there. But that was over 30 years ago. 30. Where has the time gone? It's no joke that time flies...we have no idea.
Just recently, Noni has taken to wearing this wig. Personally, I like her real hair. But since she is legally blind, can't lift her arms above her shoulders and lives in a nursing home...the wig makes her feel more put together and pretty. So, a wig, it is. This woman...this is one of the toughest women I know. And I feel honored to be her granddaughter. And yes, I've taken the opportunity to tell her so. She's amazing. Always has been. She's just never known it herself. Her whole life she's spent trying to measure her own eyes. We all know she measures up...and then some. Her difficult childhood prevents her from moving on...she's been stuck, forever. And it makes me sad for her. I've tried to tell her...and to pray for her...and to let her know about Jesus. But she remains mad...stating that there couldn't be a God because if there were, He wouldn't have let her have the childhood she had. I spoke to that one evening...but as far as I know it was dismissed. But, I spoke to it...truth...anyway.
Now, Papa on the other seems like life's been one big picnic. He says that Noni did all of the worrying for the both of them. Yes, this IS a bone of contention between those two! But it's true. Papa knew how to live life...and how to have fun (maybe a little TOO much at times...)and how to not take things too seriously. He's got great stories about childhood ...making shoes and salami and cheese and growing big gardens and making homemade wine from berries...but wishing that his mom would make jam instead! (Apparently, raising 11 kids, wine was much more of a priority for my great grandmother that I never knew! From what I hear she knew how to party!)
Today I am grateful. I woke up feeling gratitude to God for...everything. For family...for shelter...for heat...for water...for power...for my husband...for the opportunity to worship freely...for the opportunity to encourage other women to live their life to the is good. Really, really good. Lord, help me to remember that on the bad days, too.

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Megan Wahl said...

Amazing. I love your story. And, I must say, that's a pretty darn cute picture of my little Averie!!