Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dinner (and lunch) for under $5!

I just had to write again. Partly because I'm feeling a bit restless and chatty...and partly because I'm feeling quite smug about the meal I cooked tonight!
Earlier in the week I shared with you that I'd made a meatball recipe. When I made said meatballs I made a double batch to freeze for a future dinner. Well, tonight was the future. I went to Winco today and they had a bag of a dozen Hoagie rolls for $2.48. I decided at that moment that we would have meatball sandwiches for dinner using the extra meatballs. I already had salad fixings as well as some packaged spaghetti sauce that would be perfect! I have to say, I don't normally use packaged sauce...especially Ragu in a microwaveable bag. (Yes, I am a bit snooty when it comes to that. And no I did not microwave it.) HOWEVER, several weeks back I was at the Grocery Outlet and they had these little pouches of sauce on sale for 4/$1. Did you hear me? FOUR FOR A DOLLAR. A mere quarter each! How could I pass that up? So I set my snootiness aside and my desire to save money won...I bought eight of them. So there.
And I'm glad that I did. Dinner was really, really good. Everyone loved youngest son included and he's quite picky. Not only was it was also very frugal. Because I don't count the cost of the beef (it was bartered) the whole meal for a family of four, AS WELL AS LUNCH for my hubby and I tomorrow, cost roughly $3. Maybe $4. Not bad! Actually, quit GOOD!

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