Friday, January 16, 2009

Another step in the right direction.

I have to admit...while I am loving the idea of simplifying my life and being less dependent on "the man", it's not how I've always thought.
I am a recycler and have been for a long time. I like to be frugal and have always shopped sales. At one time only out of by choice. I have been interested in gardening and growing food for the past 15 years or so...and only NOW am I really moving on that interest.
I have always been aware...but not always active. These days...the ideas and the thoughts and the desires are becoming actions. I'm actually moving on a thought or an idea. So many times my thoughts and ideas and brainstorms remained just that...ideas scribbled in my Moleskine. But's been different. Lately...I've actually DONE something I said I wanted to do. It wasn't just a fleeting was an actual move in the right direction.
For instance...I am almost out of laundry detergent. The easy thing would have been to just go to the store and buy more. Buy more chemicals. Add one more plastic jug to the landfill. Pay extra for someone else's labor. Right? That would be the easy thing. But this time I opted to do the right thing...or at least the right thing for ME. This is ALL personal choice here...not a judgment on anyone else who buys their detergent.'s taken me years to get to this point. Years. But, I got here. Step by step I'm getting closer to the life I know I'm supposed to be living. And it feels really, really good. Baby steps are still steps!

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