Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not just any ol' day...

Today my youngest turns 11. Wow. 11 years ago today I was in labor...and I do mea IN LABOR. Yikes. Isn't it amazing that women do this more than once? And I'm so glad that I did because my second born is an amazing young man. He's creative and talented and sweet and affectionate and thoughtful and compassionate and feisty...not to mention good with his hands, mechanical and a darn good dancer. I love him. A lot. And Ithank God for entrusting his little self to me.
To celebrate we will go to the movies...his choice. He requested to invite his cousin to come along and then to have a sleep over. We're going to make our own pizzas and then have cake and ice cream...homemade because he likes all things homemade way better than store bought. From jam to muffins to school lunches to birthday cake...he appreciates the goodness of homemade.
Happy Birthday to my sweet second born are a blessing.

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