Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have-to vs. Want-to...

I can't seem to decide what to DO today. Or at least for the part of the day that isn't planned out. I had a meeting this morning for church...planning our women's kick-off brunch. It's in three weeks and sounds like it will be fun. Later this afternoon we're going to the in-laws house for dinner. I am contributing baked beans and I'll put them in around 2. I've got a load of wash going...and the dishwasher loaded and ready to go...and now I'm feeling a bit restless, like I'm forgetting something? I'm not. It just feels that way. I think because there is so much I HAVE to do that all of the little things I WANT to do are rushing around in my head, hollering out to be done, but instead they're being put on the back burner.
One of my WANT to's are making a duvet. I have been wanting a duvet for our bed for...well...several years, really. I am extremely frugal and I really hate to buy anything full price. So I'm constantly scouring the clearance racks and the discount stores for good deals. And as of yet, I haven't found a duvet that I like for a price that I want to pay. Well, the other night I was going through drawers in our room, weeding out old sheets and pillow cases when I came across an old (but in good condition) flat sheet in a pretty floral in colors that will coordinate with our bedding. I had thought to make duvets for the boys' beds a while back using the flat sheets from new sheet sets I got for them. For some reason, neither one of them likes to sleep with a top I figured I could make nice duvets for their comforters out of the flat sheets they won't be using. And if it's good enough for the boys''s got to be good enough for mine, too, right?
Anyway, as I dug deeper into the sheet drawer I found another older flat sheet in a neutral tan that will go perfectly as the other side of my floral duvet. The coordinating fitted sheet got washed with an orange crayon years ago so the flat sheet was just sitting there. Now, I could say that it was just taking up space. OR I could say that it waslaying in waiting to become a beautiful duvet for my bed! I like that one better. Not only will I get a pretty duvet...but it will also be, essentially, free! And I'm recycling and reusing while reducing! Not bad.
Now, if I could just find some time to DO the want-to's. I think I'll drag out the sewing machine tomorrow and just DO it! I hope I remember how to thread it!

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