Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Do you ever feel like you're at a stand still? Like you're waiting for something? But you're not quite sure what that something is? I do. I feel that way right now. And if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know the last thing I am doing is standing still! I've got a family and a home and a job and I just became a college student again. I'm growing a garden and raising chickens. I am doing anything but standing still. Physically, anyway.
No. This standing still is a spiritual thing. It's a heart thing. It's all inside of me. While my life speeds by on the outside, things are at a stand still in my heart. And not in a bad way. Well, not now anyway. I was beginning to feel a little distant. Far from God. Like maybe He was giving me the silent treatment. But this morning I figure out what the problem was. It was me. I was the one who was distant.
I've been lazy about my morning quiet time lately. I blame the time change. But, really, it's just me. Tired. Distant. Busy. Allowing life to get in between me and God. So this morning I got up a bit earlier...poured my coffee...and opened my bible. I prayed and asked God for scripture...and He led me to Jeremiah 29:11...for the umpteenth time. Lately, when I ask God for scripture, He takes me to Jeremiah 29:11...for I know the plans I have for you. And I read it...and I say, "yeah, yeah...I know...I've read it before. How about something new, God?"
But He continues to send me to Jeremiah 29:11...over and over and over. And you know why? Because I haven't GOTTEN it. I read it and then I dismiss it as a scripture on the front of too many t-shirts and printed across too many coffee mugs. I read it and say, "yeah, yeah...give me something else."
But because God is God...and I am ME...He continues to gently guide me back. Until one morning...while sipping coffee...I finally get it.
Thank you, God...for your patience...for your guidance...and for your goodness. I get it.


Erin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to know there are others out there that are living "small", sometimes I don't know how people can keep up in those McMansions and if they even see each other during the course of the day! Great blog, you are doing wonderful things for your family, can't wait to surf some of the chicken stuff - that is next on our list of things around here.

Unknown said...

He does know best too, of course so I guess you've found just the right verse for yourself anyway!
I've been having some interesting times in my life lately, and I read my bible before bed (my bible app. actually on my iPhone! lol. It's really neat if you have one, I totally recommend it, has the whole bible on it, you can highlight verses in the colors of your choosing, write notes for future reading and instantly jump to any book and chapter!...and it's free!)
I've been coming back to the book of Pslams every night. For whatever reason, it's all of David's amazing praise that is giving me the most peace and comfort.

Mari said...

You so perfectly described my life lately. Wow. I too have been too busy to really spend time with God. Seems like when I was, He too would keep leading me back to the same verse, and I would "scoff"...yeah right, if that is true, why isn't it happening. Wow.
You have made me take a deeper look at my issue, and I need to have some alone time with God and get this attitude right.
Thanks dear. Praying for you as well. Keep up the encouragement. Thanks for sharing.

You Can Call Me Jane said...

I think the challenge is two-fold. Give God the time AND be open to what He's trying to say. The second part can be tough. You were able to do both and you were rewarded by peace. I hope it pervades your life, seeping into the busy "physical" parts, too:-).

Anonymous said...

such an encouraging post. I think I will write that verse out again.

mamaayanna said...

Nice blog you have here, glad I happen to end up on it:-)!!


Anonymous said...

one of my favorite songs if from the corny but good movie fire proof. its called 'while i'm waiting' by john waller. i love the lyrics and they are just about what you are talking about this morning.

Sheryl said...

oh boy, do i hear ya on this one. how many times i have rolled my eyes when i am taken to the "same old scripture" that He always sends me to. really, when will i get it?

also...loved your scriptures for this week's wed. in the word.

Kelly Cook said...

Wow! I think I'm going to enjoy reading your blog! I can sit still long enough to read a few chapters of Scripture, but can't keep my mind from wandering. Several minutes later I'll realize that what I'm thinking about doesn't relate to what I've been reading and isn't allowing my thoughts to be open to what He might be trying to tell me. Kinda like non stop chatter with a friend and she can't get a word in edgewise. How do you overcome that??

Anonymous said...

Hi a very dear friend passed on you blog to me and I love-love it. I'm sorry I did not vote in your poll about your pictures. I don't know anything about the etsy shop but if you have to give a percentage or it cost you any thing I think you should just sell both sizes through you blog. What are the advantages of selling through etsy?

God Bless your wonderful day , Christine