Friday, March 12, 2010

New Beginnings: A Ministry.

I told you a few weeks back about a ministry I was chosen to be a part of, New Beginnings. In case you're new here, visit this post to read more about it and my involvement in it. We will be going to Brussels, Belgium from September 9-20 of this year. It truly is a God thing...and even though I am terrified, (again, read the original post to see why I'm a scaredy-cat...ahem) I am also getting really excited about it. We just had a meeting this morning and there were so many amazing confirmations that if I had any doubts about this whole thing before the meeting...they were certainly gone after the meeting.

OK, so down to the details. In less than two months I am going to need to purchase my ticket to Belgium. And in order to do this, I need to do some major fund-raising. I have to be honest, this is not something I am comfortable all. I'm not real great at asking for help (just ask my family...right family?)...and I'm even worse at asking for money. But I know that this is something that God has called me to I will do whatever is necessary to be obedient. of those things is asking for your help in raising those funds.
After prayerful consideration, I have landed on three ways that you can help me over the next 6 months:

  1. Prayer. HUGELY important. Oh, how I need your prayers. Pray that I am obedient and in God's will. Pray that my words are encouraging and edifying. Pray that I will be bold and brave...that I will not have a spirit of fear. Pray that I have a peaceful heart while I'm away from my family for such a long time. And pray for my husband as he willingly and lovingly holds down the fort while I'm away. Pray that the "project" God has put on my heart to take with me to Belgium is a success (more on that at a later date!'s going to be pretty cool!). Pray for the people in Belgium that we will be ministering to and whatever else God puts on your heart for the New Beginnings Ministry.
  2. Shop my Etsy shop. Over the next 6 months I will be selling my photos in my Etsy Shop in the form of note card sets, as well as some other original pieces of art, to raise funds for The Belgium Project. All earnings will go toward travel airfare, my room and board, food...etc.
  3. Donate. Maybe you don't want any note cards. Maybe you just want to give a donation. If that is the case, you will find a Donate button on the top left-hand side of my blog. When you click that button it will take you to Paypal where you can make a donation of any amount. Any amount...large or so very much appreciated. And please, if you Donate, be sure to leave your name and address so that I can send you an update when we return from our mission! I'm sure I'll have lots to tell!

So. There it is. It's official. Your support is so greatly appreciated. This whole thing is so surreal...and so humbling...and I'm grateful that you are joining me on this incredible journey.

On that note...I'm off to stock the shop! Hope to see you there!


Unknown said...

How exciting! I just made my etsy purchase... I've been waiting for those BEAUTIFUL notecards!
Praying, too!

Anonymous said...

praying for you.

vintage girl at heart said...

prayers and blessings for your journey~

Elvira said...

And where exactly in Belgium are you going? I'm a Belgian :)

Elvira said...

Brussels is actually only a half an hour drive by car (or by train, which is even easier) from where I live. I don't come there very often though: even if it's a beautiful city (it is!), I have everything I need here :). "Here", that's Leuven, with the oldest university of the 'Lage Landen'. It's a beautiful place, and to me it has become home. If you would consider passing by, just yell, I could show you around!

Anonymous said...

I saw these everywhere while looking around at new homesteading sites and said i'm gonna get me some. # 1 because they are so lovely and # 2 you are lovely and #3 the cause is so great. off to your store now:)

Nancy said...

How can I find your cards at Epsy?