Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what're YOU lookin' at?

The Girls are a little sensitive lately. They're molting, you see. Molting is akin to "a bad hair day". And trust me...the girls are lookin' rough!

As you can see...while Sweetie tries to look all nonchalant about the feather loss...Betty is having a bit of an attitude. Number one...she looks funny. And aren't we all a bit self-conscious and cranky when we know our hair is funky? I mean, look at her feathers! They're hanging all over the place...nonexistent around the back of her neck...with each motion another feather drops off. And she's mad about it.
But don't let Sweetie fool you. She's every bit as self-conscious as Betty is. And wouldn't you be?!

And I will admit that I think that Sweetie looks even worse. But it may just be because she's so dang MEAN that it makes her ugly even when she's fluffy. Beauty is on the inside, Sweetie...think about it.
Sweetie. I really need to change her name. It should be...Meanie. Or Cranky. Or Come-any-closer-and-I'll-peck-you-HARD. Mean. She's mean I tell you.
So...between cold weather and feathers falling off everywhere, egg production is down. And I expected this thanks to LOTS of reading before bringing these wonderful, albeit a bit moody, creatures home. But even still, we're getting an egg a day. So...it's enough to eat now and then and make a batch of brownies or two!
And speaking of reading...kind of...I have been reading Made from Scratch. It's good. Well written...like you're sitting at her kitchen table talking listening to her experiences. Her "voice" is engaging. I'm liking it. And would you believe I cried when she left the Queen Bee in the box it was shipped in? Oh my gosh...was I ever sad. Poor Queen. Seriously...I felt bad for hours. I still do. Thank goodness she wrote that...because seriously, that is something *I* would do. But now I know. Just in case, I , you know, get bees someday. (ahem) I will admit...the whole bear thing threw me. So...we'll see. Not sure I want to encourage bears to come anywhere near me or mine. You may remember from this post that bears are not my favorite animal. Especially not UP CLOSE bears.
Anyway...another day awaits. Yesterday turned out OK. I realized that I really didn't have anything pressing to take care of...so I slowly pecked away at what I did need to get done. And it was fine. I realized that because I have a lot going on this year and it's all swirling around in my blockhead...I lumped it all into yesterday. I tend to do that. Think of everything at once and everything that I have to do then get so overwhelmed that I do nothing. Dr. Phil would ask, "So how's this workin' for ya?" And I have to say...it doesn't work.
So once I got my whole year's schedule off of ONE day on the calendar, I did OK.
Now here we are at today...and starting all over. So far, so good.


Nancy said...

I can so relate to molting and having a bad hair day. Girls, I feel ya. I need a day at the beauty shop too - - cut & color.

Anonymous said...

you crack me up!

what is up with the meanie hen's? I thought only roosters were mean.

Is made from scratch a book? I forget.

the word verification is: imorbsia. that is what I have. whatever that is.

T said...

Seriously? You're reading Made From Scratch? I was so excited when I picked up a new book at the library the other day... yep, Made From Scratch. Only I haven't gotten to the part about the Queen Bee... or the bears. Maybe it's a different book with the same name? Mine is Reclaiming the Pleasures of the American Hearth. Too funny!

Unknown said...

Perhaps Sweetie ought to be named something like "Maud", you know, from Gold Girls. She always seemed cranky to me.

We had a hen like this; the coyotes or bobcats always got another hen, not her. She was mean enough that I finally prayed and asked that IF another was going to be taken by a wild animal, let it be her. Sure enough, God answers prayer! - she's now gone.

I have 10 layers and we are getting only ONE egg a day right now! ONE! Do you know how much feed ten hens can eat? Someone' not doing their job!

Anonymous said...


i love when i come around and see chickens. especially molting fluffy chickens with attitude. you wit never ceases to amaze me.

who else did i visit today who was reading made from scratch? beegirl? uggh.

i have it on my shelf. only partway through, i'm kind of ADD'ish in that way with books.

glad you're still getting eggs though...very cool.

and my id word was hordha....like "HORDHA, I'm tired, I'm going to bed".......

Thomas said...

I've read that chickens have strong personalities but have never been around one long enough to find out for myself. I'm guess they're more standoff-ish than cuddly?

Anonymous said...

my girls are not mean but they are skiddish, i wish they would let us pick them up without so much fussing. they must also be on a different schedule because they are done molting, they looked horrible for months but now back to normal. lots of eggs now too:) I have made from scratch, i liked it, but didn't finish, maybe i need too. just wanted to delurk and say hello :)

Kelly said...

Well isn't Sweetie an ironic name for the mean hen. Her name is just perfect if you say it sarcastically. (Did I spell that correctly??)

I am off to google your book, sounds intruiging!

Wren said...

Too funny. I've been waiting for the girls here to do it, but so far they are hanging on. 4 eggs a day.. Changed out the coop sand yesterday and they looked drunk rolling in it! It was 40 degrees too.. a real heat wave!