Friday, January 15, 2010

a good mail day!

Last week I sold the last of my Mimi dolls on Etsy so I had a bit of money in my Paypal account...just sitting there. Which is fine, except, at the same time, one of my favorite artists, Cathy Cullis, began doing "daily drawings" and selling them in her Etsy shop.
Well, one day I ventured over to her shop and saw a print that I just fell in love with. And do you was in my price range?! I was SO excited. And I bought it...right then and there.
Every day I checked the mailbox...knowing full well that it would take a while since she'd be shipping from the UK. But still...I couldn't help myself!
Well, today was the day. I opened my mailbox to find the long awaited package...with Cathy Cullis as the return addressee. Woohoo!!
I carefully opened the package..with a steak knife. (I don't have a letter opener...!)
Inside were moo cards...copies of some of her other drawings...a photo of one of her little dolls that she makes...and of course, the piece de resistance...

...this. My print. Girl with tiny scissors in her hair. Oh my...don't you just love her? Oh...I do.

Can you see her tiny scissors?
Aren't they adorable?

I am so glad that I purchased her. There's something about buying art from the artist. Knowing that she made hand. That it was made in her home...maybe while dinner was cooking, you know? It wasn't made in a factory...along with a thousand others just like it. And I love that. It's like slow food...only with art.
Girl with tiny scissors in her hair. A little piece of original artwork...for me.
Thank you, Cathy...I love her! (Not that Ms. Cullis visits here...but just in case!)


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Yes, she is Wonderful! And so are her scizzors!

Nancy said...

It's like slow food...only with art.

LOVE this.

Anonymous said...

i am happy because you are happy : )

what a great way to end the week!

Anonymous said...

I so get it and appreciate the thoughtfulness and spirit that went into that piece. you are so right in that handmade means all of that and so much more. it is lovely:)

Elyse said...

love it!!! how special...cant wait to see where you put her.