Friday, January 15, 2010

feeding my body and my soul.

I stayed home for most of the day yesterday. I did laundry and straightened things up and read my bible and wrote in my journal. I've got some things coming up that require a bit more of me spiritually. Fasting is one of those things.
I've not fasted before. doing some research, I decided to start with The Daniel Fast. I decided to give it a practice run at lunch yesterday.
I started with the kale, garlic and leeks that were delivered in my CSA. Luckily D. over at this is my life made this same thing last week and shared it with I was inspired! Or else I wouldn't have known what to DO with kale! Hers looked so delicious and warm and healthy and good! So I had to give it a try. Admittedly, this was the first time I'd eaten it. And I will say...I'm sold. Kale is GOOD. And knowing how good it is FOR me made it all the more enjoyable.
Not only was it good. It was EASY. And fast. I had some leftover rice so I put it on a plate and warmed it up. In the meantime I turned on the saute pan to medium high and tossed in a little olive oil. I sliced a bit of leek and chopped about 4 leaves of kale. Once the oil was hot I tossed in the leek and then pressed a clove of garlic in with it...and sauteed. Once it was all soft and translucent I added in the kale and sauteed a minute or two. I then added a bit of chicken broth to steam it a little and to make a bit of a sauce. For good measure...I added a palm full of dried cranberries!
A minute or two was done.

And it was GOOD. Really, really good. I'm definitely adding this to my recipe file...and I'm definitely going to grow kale next winter! Remind me of this come October, would ya?


Elyse said...

MMMMMM, i love kale too. this looks so delicious. rice and veggies is my fave :)

Erin Wallace said...

I have a friend who did this fast, and not only did she come out feeling amazing, even, great, she lost a lot of weight. She continued with the principles that she learned during the fast and lost 30 pounds. Her skin is brighter, her eeys shine, her nails are long and gorgeous. God know it all, doesn't he - even how to fill our bodies!

Anonymous said...

good for you my friend. your body will thank you too. it will be important for you to eat really healthy now so you have lots of energy and strength! you have a lot on your plate - and I don't mean food : )

Nancy said...

Looks delish. I'm so proud of you. I think I should put kale on my next shopping list.

Unknown said...

Yum! I could fast like that! Don't you just love the CSA produce?