Saturday, January 25, 2014

the past few days...

My son came home from school sick on Tuesday. Sick, sick. Fever, headache, body ache, chills, sore throat. Sick.

So the past few days have been full of tissue, soup, medicine, Neti pots, salt water gargles, running home at lunch to make sure he was comfortable and fed (thank goodness he had a little bit of an appetite).

Yesterday he took a turn for the worse so I left work early and we headed to the doctor. And I swear if I wasn't sick before we got there, I probably am now. Ick. Everyone coughing and hacking. I used a LOT of hand sanitizer.

As we figured, the doctor confirmed...the flu. No medication. Unless of course you'd like some Tamiflu. Uh, no thanks. The cons outweigh the pros in my opinion. And after speaking to two out of three doctors and an advice nurse that agreed with me 100%, I felt good about my decision. (One doctor went so far as to say she tried it, once, and will never take it made her even more sick than she already was.)

Instead I made homemade chicken soup full of onions and garlic and turmeric. I ran the humidifier. I bought boxes of popsicles and made tubs of Jello.

We watched DVD's and Demanded TV shows. (Speaking of which, Captain Phillips was excellent. What a good movie.)

Today I'm trying to do laundry with a dryer that won't stay running. (That sure is frustrating.) It's been going on for a long time, and just as we think, "OK, we need to bite the bullet and replace this stupid thing." it starts to run fine again.

Anyway...that's what's happening around these parts. That and airing out sick rooms, spraying handles and knobs down with Lysol and keeping Clorox wipes at the ready.

I hope you are healthy and fine...


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Denise said...

I hope he is on the mend this afternoon and that you don't get it! always a bummer to be sick...take good care...xoxo