Monday, January 13, 2014

sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

Every once in a while we'll pile in the car and head to the coast. Yesterday was one of those days. Ian drove us the whole way (and back!).

We ate crackers, enjoyed the scenery and listened to the game along the way.

Our main destination was a little deli that makes really good fish and chips. When we got there we realized they were under new management...which was good in that it was quite a bit cleaner...but not so good in that the new peeps use a different recipe for their fish batter. And while it was tasty, it wasn't as tasty.

After our early dinner we headed down the road a bit more (we usually stop at the deli and go no further) and found some really cool spots...some campgrounds that looked promising, a few more restaurants we'd like to try, and a nice (and cold and windy) little beach that we hiked down to along an iceplant covered  ledge. (Still can't believe I did that! There was a little path carved out, that was helpful.)

We were witness to a most beautiful sunset. Truly, it was amazing. We watched and watched until the sun was officially gone. I snapped photos with my phone (poor neglected camera...) and even made a few little movies. Unfortunately the wind was so loud that it's hard to hear me narrating. (Or maybe that's fortunate :)

Oh, and I also forced the guys to indulge me in a few selfies. I'll share those later. ;)

How was your weekend? Hopefully you did exactly what you needed to do...whether it was laundry and yard work, or getting out of dodge for a little change of scenery.



Denise said...

sounds like a very fun and beautiful day. I loved your selfies!!

now, about that game....!!

sarah said...

beautiful. xo