Tuesday, January 7, 2014

more work = less blog

My glorious vacation is over...yesterday was my first day back. And it was bu-sy. Today won't be any less. I'm wearing comfortable shoes and drinking plenty of coffee.

Working more means less time to blog. Or maybe it's just less to talk about so I don't blog?

I don't know...whatever it is doesn't matter. Blogging is for fun, it's for me, and to connect with you...not a chore or a duty. So I will go easy on myself in this department and blog when I have something to ramble on about.

I don't have a plan for dinner tonight...think I may swing by Costco for bread, milk and chicken and pick up a roasted chicken while I'm there (that counts as a plan, right?)...add to that some mashed potatoes and an Asian slaw kit (gotta admit, I do appreciate these salad and slaw kits) and I think it would be safe to say, "dinner is served." I'm so lucky my family isn't picky.

Does any of this count as productive? Please say yes...

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