Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday evening post. (Get it?)

crafty tape...even though I haven't been very crafty.
Where has the day gone?

It's been gray and drizzly today...finally. But what we really need is a good rain. Ian and I went for a country drive this afternoon and all of the hills are an ugly, grayish brown. Usually by this time of year the hills are nice and green.

The other day I bought Chicken Tortilla Soup at Costco...I'd been told it was good. I figured it would be good for work lunches and such. (Or, dinner on a lazy Saturday night?) So that's what we had tonight. And I gotta say...I like my Tortilla Soup better. (And so did Chris.) This is usually the case. We usually like home cooking better than most restaurants...Chinese food being the exception because I can't make it as good as our favorite Chinese place downtown can.

Now we're considering getting a movie. The question is...will we stay awake late enough to watch the whole thing? (Did I tell you I fell asleep at the movies on New Year's Eve? Yeah...The Hobbitt. I couldn't keep my eyes open.)

Oh, Saturday just aren't the same as you used to be.

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