Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ya gotta start somewhere...

Bear helping me stretch before my walk this morning.
The other day I decided it was time to make some lifestyle changes. Those will include making better food choices and moving my body on a daily basis.

The other night I chose grapes over chocolate. Yesterday while having lunch with mom I chose the chicken dish on the PF Chang's menu with the least calories. And for a snack later, mom and I shared a Raspberry bar at Boudin rather than each having our own.

I've been Pinning Weight Watcher recipes like crazy, too. (Some of you may have already noticed this...?) I'm not going to DO WW, but I will use the point system, loosely, to just be aware of my choices and intake.

I'm not the type to cut out sugar, or caffeine, or everything white, or anything, altogether. I am a firm believer in moderation. My grandparents lived good, long lives living by this philosophy. So I will, too. (The problem, however, is that I wasn't moderating!) I will eat what I want. But I will eat less. And I will make small changes in the preparation to lessen the calorie and fat content.

A friend and I went for a walk the other night. It was nice. And I felt accomplished afterward. It wasn't a long walk, or a strenuous walk, but it was a good walk. This morning I was sitting here reading blogs and Facebook and got up to let the cats out. I realized how beautiful it was outside this morning. I decided to go for a walk. I could have waited until tonight to see if my friend would have been available to go with me. But I decided to just do it...to get up and move my body.

So I went and changed clothes, put on my walking shoes and visor, grabbed my ear buds and found a good Pandora station. I stretched a little first...calves and thighs. And off I went.

I took a nice route. (I'll drive it later today to see how far it actually was.) As it turned out there were several slow grades that upped the exercise ante a bit. I could feel it in my thighs and in my breathing...and my feet, too, unfortunately. (Note to self...get better shoes.)

I walked through my neighborhood and up and around a local park. There were lots of people out...walking, running, riding bikes. There was one old man walking the path at the park with his cane...he was keeping a good pace. He made me happy...and teary-eyed. Good for him, ya know?

About halfway through my walk I felt sweat roll down the middle of my back...and I didn't hate it. I actually felt good about it because I knew that my body was working and burning calories. It actually made me feel good. Which is kinda weird because I'm not a "get sweaty" kind of girl.

I had music in one ear and the world in the other...I ended up listening to worship music which was a great idea. I could feel my pace get a little faster and a little more determined when I switched to worship. That was kind of cool.

I also took the time to pray while I was walking...thankful for family and for the cool morning air and for the change in mindset to make these lifestyle changes. I asked God to encourage me in my endeavors...to bless my meager efforts...I prayed for others, and for the old man. I smiled at everyone I passed...whether they were walking, driving or running. And they all smiled back.

I don't know how long I walked...or how far. But I know that I walked...and I'm happy about that. Ya gotta start somewhere, right?

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Lisa Gallup said...

Good job, Michelle! I most always pray and listen to worship music when I walk. :)