Saturday, July 13, 2013

list maker, list maker...

One of the things on my to-do list...get stuff back on the walls.

My summer break is going by way too quickly. I've been so spoiled these past years being able to work a traditional school year schedule and being off when they boys were off. But now with my new job I am off 4 weeks less and it's making me sad. So spoiled, I know! I'm trying not to be ungrateful...I mean, really...5 weeks off in the summer? Not everyone gets that...and I am grateful. But I can still wish for more, can't I?

I got a lot done at the beginning of my break (thank goodness I just dove in and got started...I must have known this time would fly by).  I cleaned out closets and made piles and piles of items to sell at "the yard sale" (that still needs to be held). I still have to go through stuff in the shed...some of that has got to go, too.

(Oh how I've accumulated....and accumulated.)

Yesterday I realized I'd come to a bit of a stand still, though. And I felt myself getting overwhelmed about all of the things I hoped to do over this summer break. I was wandering in circles, thinking about doing this thing or thinking about doing that thing...but in the end not getting much of anything done. (Well, nothing but a whole lot of mindless surfing on Pinterest...many of us know how that goes.)

(And to give myself a little bit of credit I dusted, did tons of laundry and scrubbed the tub. Oh, and made a good dinner. I wasn't a total sloth.) 

It was time for a list.

Would you believe the list was almost a page long? No wonder I was spinning in circles!

So. I've got the list. And today I will take some time to break the list down into manageable chunks...things I have to do, things someone else can do, things to do before I go back to work, things that can be done after the break is over, things that are long-term, etc. Right now it's a big jumble of thoughts dumped out onto a piece of paper.

But at least it's not swirling around in my head anymore. That's never a good thing.

Are you a list-maker? How's your to-do list coming along?

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Zena said...

Oh... I know that feeling and my summer vacation hasn´t even started yet. I have so many things planned ahead... in my mind.

And yes I am a list maker -as you said- is the best way I know to stop things swirling around in my head again and again.

Beautiful photo