Friday, July 12, 2013

learning something new.

I made a blouse yesterday. 

A friend of mine showed me how to read a pattern, 
and how to how to attach it to the fabric. 

She showed me how to attach a sleeve and sew a hem. 
(I'd never sewn a hem before, ever.) 

I can sew. But up til now, only straight lines. 
I've made pillows and duvets out of two sheets..that kind of stuff. 
But never an article of clothing. 

So when my friend found out that I didn't know how, 
she immediately said, "I do! I'll teach you!" 

And she did. 

Thank you are one of my favorites. 


Linda Foster said...

The feeling is mutual! It was a really fun day AND you have a beautiful new blouse! Would have taken half as long without all the talking! xo Linda

Beegirl said...

It's wonderful! Congrats on your GARMENT!! Sounds like a wonderful to spend a day..