Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday morning...

  • smile at a stranger
  • buy the person's coffee behind you at the coffee house drive-thru
  • give an ice cold water and a sandwich to a homeless person
  • tell someone her hair looks pretty...or that you like her outift
  • focus on someone's good qualities...not their faults
  • pay someone's bridge toll
  • make that call when you're thinking of someone...they probably need to hear a friendly voice
  • share your fresh garden produce with your neighbors
  • let someone into your lane...or move when they tailgate you...maybe they really are on their way to an emergency
  • sit and chat with that lonely elderly person in your life...they have great stories to share
  • help someone reach the top shelf at the grocery store
  • make a meal for someone who can't make it for themselves
  • smile at a young mom when her child is misbehaving...she needs it
  • tell someone "it's OK"...because really, in the big scheme of things, it is
There's lots more...add to the list...xo
You are blessed today and every like it.


Lisa Gallup said...

When you encounter a cashier who is frazzled or has a rude customer, be extra, extra kind to might improve their whole day.

Tip well.

Sharon said...

Just found you through Denise's blog, Capturing the Days. Love your writing style, especially posts like this!