Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's been a busy past few days...and there are a few more busy days to come.

Lake Almanor

  • I took my boys to stay at a cabin at the lake with two of my girlfriends and their sons...3 moms and 7 sons all together. We got there Sunday and came home last night. It was a nice little getaway...
  • Seth turned 18 can that BE?
  • Today was filled with laundry and preparation to return to work tomorrow after 5 glorious weeks off. I feel like I need just one.more.week. It sure was nice while it lasted.
  • My cousin is getting married this's gonna be a good time!
  • My mind is filled with going up to the wedding early with grandparents, someone to watch the animals while we're away, getting back in time to rest up a bit and get ready for the work week...will the nude underwear I just bought really not show through my white pants? 
Yes, my friends, these are the things that keep me awake at night. ;)


rhondajo said...

Those kinds of things and many more things keep us all awake at night! How about:

Will I ever sock away enough to retire?

Will I ever go back to church again, and if so where will I go?

I need to make a will.

I have gained 20lbs this past year, how will I get it off and keep it off?


Denise said...

i like your list...

enjoy the wedding - nude underwear and all :)

18 is crazy :)
i'm still jealous of your lake time!

Nancy said...

Your getaway sounds wonderful! I could use one about now. What a great thing to do with your boys, especially before you move Seth off to college.

Had to laugh about the nude underwear ;)

Angela said...

Beautiful place. Put all your worries in the hands of the Lord!