Tuesday, July 16, 2013

time keeps on slippin'...

I know, I know...terrible post title. Sometimes I can't help myself. I just can't.

Especially when it's so TRUE. Where IS the time going? And it's not like it's flying by...days aren't whizzing past me. If anything they're sort of creeping past...moseying along...and next thing I know another day has passed.

And what's so strange is that I feel busy...I feel hurried...I feel...overwhelmed?

I gotta say, I am really starting to dislike that word...overwhelmed. It's so...wimpy. Such a cop-out.

I have used that word a lot in my adult life...always overwhelmed by this or that or the other thing. And if I'm honest, and I am, I have used it as an excuse at times.

Don't get me wrong. I don't say it just to say it. I do get overwhelmed. And I get overwhelmed easily. But that doesn't mean that I need to allow that feeling to control me, ya know? It's just a feeling. That's all it is.

Yes. Life can be overwhelming. And hard. And too much at times. And yes, it can feel as if life takes over and overwhelms me. But that is just a feeling...and as Joyce Meyer says, feelings cannot be trusted.

I don't want life to control me, I want to control my life. I want to live my days with intention and purpose. I want to set goals...and achieve them. Even if the goal of the day is "stay out of bed". (Hey...some days are just like that, right?)

You know what? I just had a realization, just now, as I wrote all of this out: The only reason I get overwhelmed is because I don't do what I need to do on a regular basis and then everything piles up on me. And yes, overwhelms me. It does. But it's my own fault. If I just do what I need to do, rather than just thinking about everything I need to do and then not doing it, I won't be overwhelmed. Rather, I will be accomplished. And that is a much better feeling. Much better.

Yes. I am going to do my best to stop saying, "I'm just so overwhelmed." And, if I am starting to feel that way (and I will...old habits die hard) I will stop and take a look at what I am not doing and not getting done and then DO IT. No more making excuses...no more allowing my feelings to be in charge.

From here on out, instead of saying, "I feel so overwhelmed.", I want to be able to say, "I feel so accomplished!"


Corrabelle said...

Loved this post.
I totally hear where you're coming from. I too feel like sometimes it's a "cop-out" to say i'm overwhelmed. And sometimes it is totally our own fault. I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night because I needed to be productive today, and i'm rather sluggish at accomplishing what I need to.

There truly are times though where there is SO much thrown at a person at once (sometimes unexpectedly) that it is, genuinely overwhelming, and too much for one person to manage, sanely.

I feel that those are the times when priorities need to be re-evaluated. Is (name that task, errand, event) absolutely essential this week?
Learning to say no sometimes, and put purpose and intention behind my decisions has made a huge impact on how I manage my time.

Denise said...

nice - you talked your way all through this - like you are your own coach now :) I am proud of you!!

I too am easily overwhelmed - at those times what works for me is too just FOCUS!!

p.s. - thanks for your words on instagram!! You are so right :)

beth lehman said...

this really resonated with me... it is so easy for me to overanalyze and overthink, instead of just DOING. it's the overthinking that has me overwhelmed and giving up. thank you! (and tomorrow is always a new day!)