Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday in the Word.

Jeremiah 12:10-11

10 “Many rulers have ravaged my vineyard,
trampling down the vines
and turning all its beauty into a barren wilderness.
11 They have made it an empty wasteland;
I hear its mournful cry.
The whole land is desolate,
and no one even cares.

Do you ever stop and look around at our world, like while you're driving down the highway for instance, and wonder what in the heck we're doing?
As I drive down the highway I see shopping centers one after the other after the other...giant concrete buildings...all looking the same....full of stuff, stuff, stuff...and lots of people trying to grab all the stuff.
I see huge expanses of concrete...covered with shiny, new cars guaranteed to make us feel better and bigger and more important. Bright lights...and balloons...and those weird moving air filled things to grab our attention.
Billboards...everywhere. Flashing messages to cold beverages, scantily clad women, promises of riches at the nearest me, drink me, desire me.
Distraction. Selfishness. Me, me, me. Want, want, want. More, more, more.
I hear it's mournful cry. The whole land is desolate, and no one even cares.

It's so sad. It breaks my heart. It makes me sick.
And I am right in there...wanting, grabbing, more, more, more. I get caught up in it. I see it...and want it. And pout if I don't have it.
It's not what this is all about. There is more. He didn't intend it to be this way. We've done this...we've ravaged the vineyard...we're trampling the vines...we're turning all it's beauty into barren wilderness, and an empty wasteland.
Not all scripture is sunshine and roses. But it is all truth.
It's what I got this it's what I share.


Anonymous said...

yes, i think about this all.the.time. especially in the mornings. everyone rushing off each day. only to repeat it again the next.

Anonymous said...

yes. yes. and yes.

too much.

our little bit of rural county where i live is being taken over by chain restaurants, tanning salons and dollar stores.

who needs all this. give me a sunny day and green grass and my two little loves.

i always love the reminders i get here,thank you michelle.

and for your kind words today, thank you.

Sandy said...

This saddens me too. Sometimes humans seem like sheep, each one following the other over the cliff. I don't get it.

Petra said...

so true and so well formulated. Love your posts. they always make me think and reflect. Thank you!