Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are you prepared? And FREE print outs!

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I am loving this Preparedness Challenge! ( rule!) I am the type that needs someone, or something, to hold me accountable to following through with...something. Anything. Everything! Whatever it is!

I joined the PC (Preparedness Challenge) a couple weeks ago...and now, throughout the week, I think of ways to better prepare my family for a possible emergency. And I think of it more because I feel I have to answer to YOU. Well, that and the thought of not being able to provide for my kids in an emergency situation about pushes me over the edge.

This past week I did quite a few things to prepare for an emergency. I bought 6 more gallons of water, a dozen boxes of matches and a few more cans of prepared foods such as chili and baked beans. I was talking to my mom about this whole "preparedness" thing last week...and she brought up a good point...what if we don't have water to prepare food with?

It made me stop and think...because I have been setting things aside with the assumption that I will have some sort of water supply to prepare things such as beans and rice and dried soups. But there is a good possibility that we won't have access to water with the exception of whatever I've set aside. It was a good point...and urged me to pick up some ready-made canned goods to add to the stores.

I also gathered travel size shampoo, conditioner and lotion from our time away last weekend. I don't usually bring those things home...they just take up room in the linen closet. But this time I thought they'd be good to add to the supplies for the PC. Those and a small sewing kit I came across a week or so ago in the junk drawer.

The main thing I did, though, was to make Master Lists of everything I want to have in my 3-month Emergency Storage. I am a list maker...I need to see it on paper...write it down...check it off...or I forget. And I was getting overwhelmed with going to this site and this site and that site...gathering info, trying to remember everything I needed...wanted...could possibly need, etc.

So...I decided to make myself Master Lists. I took all of the information I felt was important from several difference sites and put it all on three lists. So now I can print them out, see what I need, check it off when I have it...done.

I also wanted to share these Master Lists with you. Keep in mind that these are the items I think we'll need, and use. The lists are also a guideline...your family may not eat what my family will. Or need what my family needs.

Would you like a Master List for yourself? Follow these links and print them out:

Emergency Food List
Emergency Non-Food Items List
First Aid Kit Supplies

I will be ordering some of these items from Emergency Essentials (follow the link in my sidebar). I like the idea of powdered milk, powdered peanut butter and potato flakes. No...not gourmet. Or local. But these are things that my family goes through a LOT of and will definitely get used up. And if we get to the point of survival, I won't be concerned with what's in the food or where it came from, as long as I am able to feed my kids.

Not to mention, the items from Emergency Essentials have a long storage life due to the way their stored. I can't do any better at this this is a plus for me.

I also want to share a link to a Food Calculator put together by LDS. You just plug in your numbers and it generates a list for you. This is the list I used to create my own list...adding some things and taking away others.

This preparing business sure does make me feel better. I have yet to really get it organized...right now it's all sort of piled on and around a few shelves in the garage. "Organize pantry shelves in garage" is on my to-do list...still. (ahem) Next week...for sure...*wink*.

What have you done to prepare? Do tell..!


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Also, you should discuss with your family a meeting point in case you are at work or school during a disaster. Where will you go? Where is your safe haven if you can't reach home? If the kids are at school, they will not release them until a parent shows up.

ALso there should be someone out of state whom you can use as a hub for your family if you are seperated, that you will all call when you can in case communication breaks down. This person will be the person you check in with-especially important if god forbid, something happens to a child's parents.

Heather said...

Hi, I'm here from Amy's blog and wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into your lists, as well as for sharing them. I like to make lists too, but find that I always forget something!

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Way to go, Michelle! Getting organized is super important with preparedness so items get used before they expire and money isn't thrown down the tubes!
Now who rocks?! YOU!

Jane said...

Good post! When I can, if there's room for an extra jar, I always can a jar of water. This is an old-fashioned idea that my grandparents used to do.

Mavis said...

Hey Figgs... I like the new look :)

Sandy said...

Remember that if you're storing canned vegetables, if you family eats those, then you are storing water as they can be cooked straight from the can. You can never have too much water. I just have no idea where I'm going to put it.

denise said...

eek's - I have got some work to do.

Jane said...

Hi Michelle! I forgot to add that when you can water, make sure that the water is boiling or else your jars will crack!

ThyHandHathProvided said...

Wow, girl. You've got some things together here. I browsed the site you mentioned and am inspired to get my act even more together. Thanks:-).

Mrs. B said...

Thanks for sharing your lists! I need to rotate our vehicle buckets, putting in fresh water and food, replacing water and food that the boys have used from their buckets, and lighter weight clothing. I think I will do that this week.

Mrs Adept said...

Each step, is a big step in the right direction. :o)

I've just arrived to your blog and am enjoying having a look around.