Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preparedness Challenge: what I did this week.

I'm on a budget. A pretty tight one. So adding more to the list than what we need right now is a challenge in and of itself.

But I I believe it's important to be prepared for a possible emergency. During the week, while I'm out shopping for what we need for the house I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for bargains on items that I can add to the emergency stash without edging into the weekly budget too much. The soap for example...3 bars for a dollar. The dog food...2 cans for 89 cents. A box of Band-aids and onion salt...each a dollar. (Forgot to put those on the list...oops.) Every little bit helps...and makes me feel all that more accomplished and prepared.

Oh...and I thought of a few things to add to my lists that I somehow forgot to include last week! Those items are: foil, tarp(s), towels/rags, paper plates and TOILET PAPER. How could I forget TP? That would NOT have been pretty.

If you weren't here last week, and would like copies of detailed supply lists, click on the "Printables" button on the top navigation bar. There you'll find links for free, helpful lists you can use to check off items as you acquire them. Print them out...then be sure and add these items! Especially toilet paper for crying out loud!

Wanna join the Challenge?

(Wanna make a cute catalog card list? Go here.)


donnag said...

I love this post and I do take the challenge.
I got the package today. Thanks. I blogged about it on my blog, Taking Care of Mother.

Mrs Adept said...

LOL - on the toilet paper - I have a preparedness post coming up in a couple of days talking about that. :o)

Yes, every little bit helps - and adds up at the end of the day. :o)

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

My girls are convinced I'm a tp fanatic and not quite normal when it comes to hording it in closets and such. But with four girls in the house, I keep thinking one can't have enough. Plus, I hear it's a good bartering item in the event of... whatever! Who wants to be without it?

Thanks for linking up, Michelle!

Dollwood Farms said...

Great post and yes on the TP. I downloaded your lists too. Very helpful, thanks. I am going to check out the book from the library also.

Nancy said...

love the index card image. so cute. going to check out that library card site in a minute.

good lord, one should never, ever, under any circumstances be w/out tp!