Monday, April 18, 2011

A good, productive weekend.

It's organized, really!
Got a lot done this weekend...again! We're staying on track with our husband and sons especially. They did a lot of digging...a lot of sprinkler setting...a lot of plumbing...and now, we finally have sprinklers in our backyard. I almost can't believe it... And I almost can't believe that means sod is coming next! I can't wait to see GREEN in our backyard.

I, on the other hand, took the time to tidy up the garden space. It was a mess...and had become a bit of a dumping ground for random garden supplies. There were flower pots full of dead plants that didn't survive the winter (or the chickens!), coiled up chicken wire from our old fence, cages and supports and trellises...messy.

I moved everything out of the garden area and onto the side yard (so I could get a better look at the garden space I'm working with this summer). As I was moving the old pine boxes around and wondering what to do with them, my husband suggested turning them into shelves. I thought it was a great idea! So...that's what we did.

Deadly pine boxes turned utilitarian garden shelves.
Piled one on top of the other, these old pine boxes that were horrible as raised bed gardens are perfect for storage on the side yard! Ian made them sturdier and safer by screwing them all together. I was able to move all of my pots out of the garage (freeing up garage/pantry shelf space for Preparedness supplies!) and onto the side yard shelves. I've been wanting to move that stuff for so felt good to actually DO it!

I also took a little time to sit on the deck and take a look at what seeds I have...still need to pick up some pumpkin, watermelon and cantaloupe seeds and maybe some more flowers, I'm thinking sweet peas and more nasturtiums. (And maybe a little something else that catches my eye...short sunflowers? ;)

The weather was perfect and breezy...thank goodness. It made life and work a lot easier for Chris and Ian who were really working hard to get the sprinklers done and covered over. After a good long day in the yard I grilled some slider size burgers with cheese and an experimental onion topping...accompanied by oven fries.

All in all it was a good, beautiful, productive weekend. I'm grateful...

How was your weekend?


A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...


Love your *new* garden shelves:) We also had a beautiful and productive weekend. Blessings,


Denise said...

all good stuff! sadly, the only productive thing I got done was the laundry :(

Carissa said...

How inspiring!!! I've just read through your last few posts, my list is made, and now my hubby is running for the hills! ;-)

Everything is looking wonderful!! Keep up the good work!! I love that you made shelves out of your old pine boxes!!

Will you be doing raised beds in your new garden?

So enjoying your blog!

teekaroo said...

I love productive days like that. It feels so good to get things done.

Amy Kinser said...

Your shelves are great. I love finding ways to use something in different ways than what's intended.

Good for you for getting so much done.

Nice to visit with you!


Nancy said...

sounds like a great weekend. doesn't it feel good to get stuff accomplished?!

Kimberly said...

LOVE your shelves!