Thursday, April 28, 2011

I bought an apron.

Apron from Marshall's.
Eggs and lemons from
my backyard.
I don't wear an apron. I didn't even have an apron until last week. It's not to say I don't need an apron...I'm a pretty messy cook. I just have never thought to wear one (until after the bacon grease splattered, of course).

My mom wears an apron. Far as I know, she's always worn an apron. I remember, just around dinner time, she'd head to the kitchen, put on her apron, and get started on making us a yummy dinner.

My grandma Dottie wore an apron. The kind that was more like a smock...with the little ties on the sides. And pockets in the front...I think maybe for her tissues and cigarettes. I can see her now...standing in her kitchen, something onion-y and potato-y simmering on the stove, slicing an apple for me, and even peeling it. What a treat.

But I don't wear an apron.

And now with the apron craze, I almost rebel a little more, refusing to jump on the bandwagon. What a brat, huh? I have my moments...more often than not if you ask some people.

Well...I was at Marshall's last of my favorite stores, the home department especially. I was browsing around and noticed some cute fabric out of the corner of my eye. And whaddya was an apron. It was pretty cute. The price was right. I had some birthday money burning a hole in my new wallet that I also bought with birthday money. I tossed the apron in my cart.

Now I have an apron. I haven't worn it yet. And more than likely won't...until canning time, that is. Canning is even messier than cooking. Think peaches and pickles and tomato sauce. Think strawberry jam. Mm, mm...can't wait.


teekaroo said...

It's so cute! I've never been an apron person either, but now that most of my shirts have become "cleaning" shirts due to the big oil stains on them, I'm thinking I should start. I like to think that if I had a cute apron to wear I'd do a better job remembering.

Lisa Gallup said...

I.ADORE.APRONS! :) Always have! I have quite a collection...I have a local friend who often snags some cute vintage ones for me at Goodwill.I just love seeing them hung up. I keep thinking I'll make some bunting or a curtain out of the half aprons. I love to WEAR my full ones. I feel like I might actually be able to accomplish something in the kitchen if I wear it! lol One of my fave memories is Sami and I putting on aprons and heals and cleaning the house....we were being silly and had a blast! lol I love yours!!

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

CUTE! I wear an apron when canning. I was thinking I should be wearing it more often so I can stop ruining my t-shirts when I am cooking.

I have an art apron I wear when I paint.

Jenny said...

I have to say, I love aprons. Maybe because I'm not the best cook, so putting on an apron makes me feel like my skills will improve.

Nancy said...

cute apron! i think you should model it for us. my mom would wear a 'cobblers apron' - - sleeveless, snapped in front, pockets. she could put it on over her work clothes and keep them clean.

p.s. (belated) happy birthday!

Sandy said...

I bought some simple aprons (I like simple) in solid colors; now that I have them I'm surprised at how often I use them. Can't do without them now!

Mari said...

Very cute gal! I just bought a couple aprons from Target yesterday online...on sale. I have a couple, but they are packed up only who knows where right now, so I wanted a fresh one. Hot pink. lol.

One day I will get in the mood to do a little baking. They are fun to wear when you are in the mood! :)

love ya.

Kelly said...

I love it! I have 2 very cute/pretty aprons that I don't wear. Mostly because when I'm cooking/baking, I'm wearing my already grubby clothes and the apron is prettier/fancier than what I have on. Seems silly to "protect" my sweats with these pretty aprons! Silly, isn't it?

Eliza J said...

I bought an apron at T.J. Maxx as a Christmas gift for someone. I fell in love with it, and went back a few days later to get one for myself. It's not that people are messy cooks, it's just that what is cooking tends to splatter and get on cooks! I love my apron. I truly wish I had my grandmother and mother's aprons that I remember from childhood. Aprons, are very cool!

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

I liiiiiiiiiiike that apron, girlfriend. I dare you to wear it BEFORE canning season! You're going to feel like superwoman within the hour!

Eliza J said...

I totally agree with Amy ~ you'll love it!

Elyse said...

i love your apron!!! i love even more your eggs and lemons from your very own backyard!!