Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is a snapshot from our wedding. My husband and I did things kind of backwards. We met, had our sons, bought our house, bought cars and got a dog. We lived like this for 8 years...until one day we went to church. The pastor gave a sermon on marriage..and the importance of it..and that it's more than just a piece of paper. As the pastor talked on and on my husband and I slid further and further into our seats... After church we took our boys to the park. While they played we sat on the bench and talked about the sermon. My husband said, "We need to do this...we need to get married and make this right with God." I agreed. And we got married a year later.
Why did we wait a year, you ask? Well, even though I'd done things all backwards...I still had a desire for a beautiful wedding. And it just sort of ended up that it would be almost a year later. My mom and I planned away...bought the dress...ordered the flowers...set up for the caterer...rented linens and dishes and tuxes...it was a lot of fun. We decided not to have any bridesmaids or groomsmen...instead we chose to have our sons, then 6 and 4, stand up for us. They wore mini tuxes and looked SO handsome. It was perfect.
Our wedding was like a giant family gathering. And there were lots of kids! Some people don't like to have children at their weddings...however, since we had two of our own, we thought it would be fun for others to bring theirs! To make it fun for them we had a basket full of toys from the dollar store....bubbles, paddle balls, beach balls, color books and crayons...it was great and the parent's really appreciated it. Nobody complained about being bored!
To this day my husband and I still agree that our wedding was the most fun, the most beautiful and the best day ever.

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Victoria said...


Thanks for the comment and encouragement!!! Believe me, our kitchen remodel will be extremely modest (no granite, stainless appliances, etc) but I am looking forward to updating the kitchen.

I enjoyed reading about your wedding. It is a really neat story.