Saturday, March 21, 2009

I can respect this...

Plans for the White House garden...

I am a Republican. I haven't always been. But the more I learn about God...and our country...and politics...and the more I see what my children are going to inherit...the more conservative my thinking becomes. BUT, I'm not here to talk about politics as I don't really like politics all that much. However, I DO like gardening. I also like hearing about people making a difference. And while I don't agree with her husband's thinking...or feel he was the best choice for our country...I do like what Michelle O'bama is doing here. Even if I can't help but wonder if she really is the ONE doing it...or if her advisor's thought it would be a "good idea"... but regardless of my cynicism, she's put her name on it. And I respect that she is doing something, too...other than just being "the president's wife".
I think it looks like a lovely plan...although I don't see any tomatoes or beans? Cucumbers? Squash? Lots of lettuce and greens...and fennel? Oh each his own. I can't have EVERYTHING my way...! We each see "victory" in our own way, I suppose.
Here's a link to the article I happened for yourself!

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