Saturday, March 21, 2009

The newest addition.

I can hardly stand how stinkin' CUTE she is! I couldn't resist...I went and got just one more chick yesterday. I had to. The two black chicks were pairing up and leaving the one little yellow chick was a little sad. Plus, when Chris got home and immediately fell for them, he was fine with me getting just one more. Ahem.

Isn't she CUTE?! Oh my goodness... And so sweet...such a gentle disposition.

Here they are all together...I LOVE them...

See this little girl laying in the food? SHE'S the feisty one. I can't wait to see her personality as a full grown chicken. Can you see her little leg hanging over the edge of the box? It's kind of hard to see because the picture is a bit over exposed...but if you look close you can see it. She climbed into the box, stretched her leg out behind her and then nodded off!
It's a good thing I am just doing this in my backyard. Space is limited, if you know what I mean. But one day I will have some country property...and space for a hen house proper...and then? Oh yeah...look out. I just MIGHT be The Chicken Lady!

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