Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Coop.

I am finding myself with a bit of extra time this morning. I had a meeting scheduled this morning but she called and cancelled.
There were many things I thought of doing: laundry...mop the kitchen floor...vacuum...change the chickens' "litter"...make the boys' beds since they conveniently "forgot" to do it...wipe down the inside of the fridge...scrub the tub...or...BLOG!
You can see what won...ahem.
I thought I'd take a few minutes to show you the chicken coop progress. This is how it started a couple of weeks ago. I came home from helping my mom and my aunt with funeral stuff for my grandmother and walked into the backyard to find my husband and son working on this:
The chicken coop. The hen house. A tiny bit of my dream come true.
It's made, at this stage, from all recycled materials that we had in the yard. Except for the Mitsubishi sign of course. I don't have those lying around my yard. I mean, there's a lot lying around the yard...don't get me wrong...it's a mess! But not Mitsubishi signs. No, my husband found this in the dump pile at our shop. The funny thing is...I had seen it earlier in the day, and considered it, prior to him calling me and telling me about it! We decided to give it a try. It's free...it's sturdy...it'll work until we can afford to buy proper roofing material.
Last weekend found us with some nice weather...and a bit of time. So my husband and son headed out back and began to peck away (get it? get it? peck? What? I couldn't resist!) at finishing the chicken coop.
They were able to get most of the chicken wire installed...all except one little area, frustratingly enough, because my husband ran out of the staples! I KNOW he was frustrated...
I know I would have been!
Ian is such a good helper. He's just like his dad...loves to tinker and figure out how things fit together...how they work. It's impressive. And enviable.
I'm not like that. I just want it to work. That's all. I don't care how...I just want it to do what I need it to do...whatever "it" may be.

See all those grass clippings lying on the concrete? There were more...and they made it into my raised beds. It wasn't much...but every little bit helps!
Know what else you can see? My neighbors house. See it? Just over the roof of the coop, beyond the fence? Yep. That's Bob's house. That's how close we are to our neighbors here in lovely California. Luckily Bob is down for the chickens...excited even. He came in and oohed and aahed at them on Sunday. I'll have to give him some eggs.

Oh look. There's our other neighbor on the street behind us. I didn't talk to them about the chickens. And I probably won't. We're not neighborly. The only time I've ever spoken to them is when Ian dropped his shoe out of the tree house and into their yard. We had to walk around the block and ask if he could go and retrieve his shoe. Luckily they thought it was as funny as we did!
I am really going for the whole urban homesteading thing. No acreage. No sprawling ranches. Just a little city plot with bad soil and really close neighbors. This is going to be interesting. I think I may be a little bit crazy.
But some of you knew that already...no comment!


ThyHandHathProvided said...

Very nice set-up. Your girls will love their home.

pinkpeppercorns said...

I adore your Mitsubishi coop in-the-making! How cool!

That little Ian. What a helper. Do I see engineering in his future?