Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My new favorite site.

I have no idea how I came upon Tipnut. But I sure am glad that I did!

Need instruction on making an inexpensive garden trellis? Go to Tipnut.

I will SO be using this idea for my garden. I'm buying welded wire mesh this weekend! It will be perfect!

Need to know how to fold anything? Go to Tipnut.

In the mood to make some "Neat-o" crafts? Oh yeah...Tipnut, Baby.

This site has SO much information on SO many different things. It's amazing. And a wealth of great information. I visit it at least once every other day...sometimes more.

This is one of the best sites ever. And whoever thought of it is a genius. And I love them. A lot.

Go take a look around...have fun...maybe I'll see you there!

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