Thursday, March 19, 2009

Homestead by proxy.

This is the year that several of my ideas to become a bit less dependent are coming to fruition. I've got half of a chicken coop in my backyard (the rest to be built this weekend!), I've got several plans for a larger garden area in the backyard. It won't be magazine page worthy...but it will provide us with fresh vegetables this summer...and maybe even a few to freeze or can for the winter.

The idea was to be doing this on several acres...but at this point that is just not an option. So, we'll just get started in THIS house smack in the middle of a middle-class neighborhood and see what happens!

I spoke to my neighbor yesterday...asking if he was OK with us having chickens. I just didn't want to surpirse anyone...just in case anyone had an issue. Because if someone DOES have an issue I want to know before I get all set up and have adorable, live chickens relying on me. He was totally fine with it...excited even...saying that we needed some life and excitement around here. I agree. Our neighborhood has become a bit stale. I told him I'd share eggs...he asked if he could call me "The Chicken Lady". Uh. No. Thanks anyway, Bob.

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