Monday, March 23, 2009

Out with the new, in with the old.

You know...the more this world turns to "convenience" and ease the more I want to turn back to the old way of doing things. I just think we are becoming far too reliant on "quick and easy" or "convenient". While it may save time, in my opinion it isn't always the best way to do things.

Take juicing, for example. Now, I don't have an electric juicer...nor have I ever used one. I know Ina Garten uses one...and I've actually admired it on occasion. And I imagine it's quite nice to use...quick, easy, convenient. But for some reason I just have never thought, "Man! I NEED one of those!!" I always just figured a nice, old-fashioned juicer would work just as well. (And would be easier to clean up, I think, too!)

Well, a few months back I was at my favorite thrfit shop and came across a glass juicer. It was cute...but it had a small chip so I passed it up. Wouldn't you know, a week or so later, my aunt and uncle give me a big bag of Meyer lemons from their tree. I mean, a BIG bag. Immediately I wished I'd purchased that glass juicer...chip and all. Seems to be my story...a day late and a dollar short.
Well, I ended up blogging about it...the missed opportunities of thrifting and getting things while the getting is good. And as it turns out my aunt had been reading my blog, unbeknownst to me. One day she calls me and tells me to stop by her office...she has "a little something" for me.
Really? For me? Wow...I wonder what it could be!? It's got to be something aunt always gives good "little somethings".

I quickly finish my errands...because I'm not a patient person and there's "a little something" waiting for me...and head over to her office. I walk in...greet her and her co-workers as I usually do...and then she coyly points to something with a little smile on her face that tells me, "You are SO gonna love this..". I look down on her desk and what do I see?
A glass juicer.
A vintage glass juicer...similar to the one I saw at the thrift store.
But better.
You know why?
It's not just because it was a bit bigger. Or even because it wasn't chipped. It's better because it was my Noni's. It belonged to my grandmother. And my aunt, knowing it was there and after reading my blog, went to my grandfather's, dug it out of whatever cabinet it may have been being stored in all these years, and gifted it to me.
I was SO surprised. I had no idea what "the little something" could have been and I NEVER would have imagined it would be Noni's glass juicer. But I am so glad it whenever I look at it I think of Noni, my grandmother who is now dancing with Jesus in Heaven. And I think of my aunt and her kindness and how blessed I am to be surrounded by such incredible women in my life.

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pinkpeppercorns said...

Meyer lemons?! *swoon* Lucky you!

And a glass juicer of Noni's? How special is that?!