Monday, February 24, 2014

good stuff I've come across (thanks to Pinterest).

I need this. For real.
It's no secret, I love Pinterest. I have an embarrassing amount of Pins on an embarrassing amount of Boards. And yet...I keep Pinning. I'm not (too) ashamed. As a matter of fact, one of my goals this year (in my effort to be productive) is to actually do some of the things that I Pin. Here are a few of my recent favorites...
  • Have you read this wonderful blog on mothering? Well get some tissue if you decide's a tear-jerker. (This wasn't found on Pinterest, but I did Pin it to
  • Want to save money on that weekly menu? I came across this gal and she's got some great tips...straight forward, simple, doable, common sense.
  • I will.make.this...I WILL. I can almost smell it....
  • This needs to be on the weekly menu...and soon. Mm mm mmmm...I do love me some mushrooms.
  • I'm hoping to attract more beneficial insects to the garden this summer...maybe Ian will help me put this together.

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