Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh, Monday

There was a time, believe it or not, when I liked Mondays. The "good ol' days" when Chris would go to work, the boys went to school and I stayed home to clean up from the weekend, catch up on laundry, work on my own school work and regroup this little house a bit.

But now that I am working good, full days, Mondays have a whole new feel.
Let's just say I tend to move a lot s-l-o-w-e-r these days.

I made a big batch of muffins yesterday before heading to our friend's house for the "Super" Bowl (what a disappointment that was, eh? Well, not for some of you! Hi, D.!) Muffins do the trick for a good, healthy, filling, on-the-go breakfast for all of us. And they never go to waste...even if I add too much flax or not enough sugar, they still get eaten. No such thing as a bad muffin, I suppose. I had some very ripe bananas so banana muffins it was. I added applesauce in place of some of the oil and made a streusel topping.

Streusel covers a multitude of baking sins, I must say. Not enough sugar in the batter? Add streusel. Too much flax and whole wheat flour in the batter? Add streusel! Any muffin is good with streusel...feel me? (Even a streusel using wheat flour! Who knew?)

Sadly, on that note, my morning quiet time is over. It's time to dry the hair, dress the bod and get this day started. Thank goodness for coffee dates with friends after work...that'll get me through this s-l-o-w Monday.

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Denise said...

ah yes...
yesterday was amazing!