Saturday, February 1, 2014

around here.

  • It rained a little last week. I think we're getting a little more tomorrow. What I wouldn't give for a nice, big downpour.
  • I just made enough taco meat and meatballs for 5 (maybe 6!) future dinners. I bought a Costco pack of ground beef on Wednesday and was too lazy to wrap individual packs for the freezer right away so instead just tossed it in the fridge. Well then it came down to either cook it all or waste it all. So I cooked it all. And now that I've done it, I think I'll cook in large batches from here on out. It's nice to know I'm ahead of the game for 5 dinners!
  • It's chickadee season. I love seeing them flit and hop around in the Japanese maple eating the bird seed Chris leaves for them.
  • Work was busy last week. I was very ready for Friday.
  • I got new sheets last week. They make me happy. 
  • I took care of some long overdue paperwork last week. I think it's what's been putting a damper on my creativity...every time I thought I'd do something creative and fun that nagging paperwork would flash before my eyes. Maybe now I can think about doing something fun?
  • I would love for that "something fun" to be a patchwork quilt but my sewing machine needs a tune-up. Although, I suppose I could cut squares and get ready to sew a patchwork quilt? that's a thought.
  • Oh, and I've got chili simmering on the stove for tonight's dinner. Just add cornbread and we're good to go.
How's your day going? 
Good, I hope.

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