Tuesday, December 6, 2011


...we had a little leak by the front water spigot recently. Chris and Ian set out to fix it on Saturday, only to find that it was really a pretty BIG leak. They had to dig up my wood violets and baby tears...and I was sad. But the almost double water bill made me ever MORE sad...so I kept quiet about the plants, pretty much.

Then I left them covered in mud and went to a baby shower...had a very nice time (and got a delicious salad dressing recipe that I'll share soon)...did a bit of Christmas shopping and headed home. When I arrived there was a large trench dug out of the front lawn from the spigot by the house to the water meter by the sidewalk. Turns out the entire pipe, that was now really not pipe at all but more of long glob of rust, needed to be replaced.

They worked into the night pretty much making sure nothing was leaky....I went outside to talk with them about it, too. Because I know a lot about plumbing and all...ahem. While I was outside I looked up at the sky...it was clear, and such a pretty shade of blue.

Then I noticed that after all those crazy winds there wasn't a leaf left on the maple tree...only those little spiky balls that drop all over the lawn. It struck me as beautiful...so I ran in and grabbed my camera.

* * * * *

I've been plugging away at my classwork...writing poetry, writing about Mary Oliver, and procrastinating probably the largest assignment due (in a week) for my computer class. The instructor recommended we start it the first week...ya know, get it going and set up so we wouldn't be bombarded with the entire project in the last week of class?


Does it count that I thought about it every week? If only work got done by osmosis...I'd be a professor by now.

Guess I better get back to it...love to you lovelies...xo


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

oh plumbing problems, I have cried many a 'baby tear' over them.
Good luck with that paper!

Denise said...

tell your teacher that blogging takes priority :)

hope your plumbing is better... okay, that sounded weird.

have a good day.