Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dec. 1...time is flying by...

people take amazing photos.
Just like's December 1. The first day of the last month of the year 2011. Time is strange, isn't it? It just keeps going and going and going...and seemingly faster and faster. This morning 13 minutes felt like two. I couldn't believe that 13 minutes had passed and I didn't even really know it...or feel it. The time was just...gone.

December's nothing significant in my little birthdays, no anniversaries, just another day, really. But it does mean that it's only 3 weeks (give or take) until Christmas. And can I just tell you that I have bought maybe 1.5 gifts? Yeah. Not even close to being even slightly ready. But...that is usually my M.O. this time of year...I'm usually in denial about Christmas. Right up until the eve, really. I know...

December also means that I have approximately two weeks left in each of my classes. (Why did I not realize they were going to end at the same time? I feel like this should have occurred to me. Or maybe it did? And I forgot? Where is that ginkgo biloba?)

Regardless of what I think or don't think...remember or not...yes, each of my classes will be finis in two weeks. And this is a good thing...the time flying while I'm in school is totally OK with me. Because that just means I am that much closer to being done with school that much quicker. However, it really makes getting all the work done that much more of a challenge! Seriously.

But that's OK...I am grateful for the opportunity to even be IN school. It is a blessing...something not everyone is afforded the privilege of doing. I have got so much support in this endeavor...Chris and the boys are so sweet and understanding and family is so supportive and encouraging...friends are rooting me on left and right and sending me notes of goodness and's amazing. And keeps me moving forward every day. All of this encouragement is also accountability. How in the world can I NOT follow through with this when I've shouted from the rooftops that I am gonna DO this? At this point...I have to finish!

And's not just about "going to college". It's about really doing something that I've been working at, off and on, for many years and finally, finally seeing an end in sight. I can see the prize...and it's really not that far off.

Going back to school is about doing something that would have been really easy NOT to do...because I'm too busy, or too old, or too...whatever.

Bottom line? I am really happy that I am doing this...and every day I feel that much more accomplished. And it feels really good.

So I'm already signed up for my next classes...I'll be taking Human Development at the community college online and ENGU450 at Brandman, also online. I have no idea what ENGU450 even is...probably a class on how to teach English...the subject, not the language. I'm really glad I decided to study Liberal Studies rather than Sociology...or Criminal Justice. What? Criminal Justice? Who are you, Michelle?

Well...Sociology and Criminal Justice would have been really, really interesting subjects to study. I'm big on people...and getting into their heads...learning why they do things...and how they think. Especially people that are a, shall we say? It may explain why I feel the need to go into Special Education. I dunno.

However, when all was said and done, it made more sense for me to focus on teaching, and learning how to teach and so Liberal Studies it was. And it was a good decision.

I am also feeling bittersweet because as it turns out I am loving my creative writing class. LOV-ING it. And I can't believe it will be over in two weeks. Especially because it feels like we are all just getting to know each other....and each other's writing styles. We are loosening up in class...having fun...really writing and critiquing and encouraging each other. It's a really great class...and I am going to miss it like crazy.

But anyway...I didn't mean for this to be a dissertation on my college career. Really. I was gonna talk about the million mile an hour winds we are experiencing...and how my chickens are laying one egg a day. I was going to talk about how much Ian loves wrestling and how next week, at this very time, Seth will be driving, with a license,  by himself. I know. I know!

 I was going to talk about how our room is still neat and tidy...and how I am loving my little kitchen. And how our winter garden, while slow-growing, is doing well and is happy and healthy. Or how my mom and I are going to go Christmas shopping tomorrow night and how I plan to get a LOT DONE.

But...maybe we can talk about all of that next time...ok?


Denise said...

ok :)

Kamana said...

i would love to learn sociology...and anything crime related :)