Monday, December 12, 2011

the coming week...

There is a very good chance that this next week, just maybe, quite possibly, and pretty much more than likely, could push me right over the edge.

I have my creative writing presentation tomorrow night...and my portfolio is due as well. Tomorrow is our last class meeting...and I am sad about it. It's been one of the BEST classes ever.

Then, once I get all of that done and over with, I will be focusing on my Education class that ends on Saturday. I have a HUGE portfolio due that I haven't even started yet. Yes, I know. Lame. But it's true. I have whined and moaned and groaned and pouted...and now, here we are. All of that time whining definitely could have been better spent. You know...doing something like WORKING. is what it is...all I can do now is buckle down and get it done. And I will.

In the midst of all of that...the holidays just keep on comin'. We got our tree's in its stand, perched lovingly in the front window...with nary a piece of decor to be seen. But that's's a patient tree. I made sure when we bought it.

I have made a dent in the Christmas shopping, though...thank goodness. I have to lay everything out on my bed for the big "inventory"...see what I have for who, what I still need to get, you know...make yet another list to add to my pile of lists. I can never seem to make just one list...or even consolidate. So I just carry around a stack of lists and call it a "system". I've learned to just go with it...

I'm pretty excited about this coming semester (assuming I get through this semester in one piece).

Because I have no idea what's going on as far as my work life is concerned, I had to go on ahead and just make a decision about what IS happening and that is my education. More than likely the job I've been doing is going to come to an end. As it stands, the woman I am subbing for will be returning to her job after the first of the year. It's been sort of up in the air...back and forth...and maybe a possibility here and possibly an opportunity there...but nothing set in stone. And nothing permanent.

So...with that in mind I signed up for some fun classes...both of which are being held during the day at the local community college on Monday's and Wednesday's. One of them is taking part in the college literary magazine, Suisun Valley Review. My creative writing instructor leads the class and it sounds like a lot of fun. Then I also signed up for Printmaking.Yes! Printmaking! I am super excited for this class. And yes, I do really need these classes. I realize at this point the coming semester sounds like it's all fun and games. But my counselor said I was in need of a few more cool is that? I love electives!

On the university front...I'll be taking a class on how to teach my future students English. Or Math. I can't remember. And whatever one I'm not taking this coming term, I will take in the next term. So no matter what, in the next 16 weeks, I will have taken both. Clear as mud? Good. Hopefully I'll teach better than I blog.

Alrighty then...with all of this in mind, don't be surprised if you don't see me much this week. I'll be around...and checking in on all of you...but may not be writing much here. More than likely all of my writing efforts will be going into school stuff. I know you'll understand...

Keep me in your prayers, won't you...? That I stay focused...and get everything done that I need to...and that I don't go bald in the process. Thank you...xo


Denise said...

you can do it!

Beegirl said...

I'm with Denise ~ you can sooo do it!! It is amazing what miracles come from deadlines..really!! Thinking of you!

Jennifer said...

hooray for you!!!

you are moving right along.

hope you get to relax and enjoy the holiday!!

i'm thrilled for you about the literary magazine, how exciting!!!

blessed, merry christmas my friend!