Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday in the Word

Consider the ravens:
They do not sow or reap,
they have no storeroom or barn;
yet God feeds them.
And how much more valuable
you are than birds!
Who of you by worrying
can add a
single hour to his life?

Luke 12:24-25


Denise said...

love that verse

teekaroo said...

Just read that the other night. Lovely.

Shannon said...

Thank you for sharing this. Very timely, considering today's headlines on the Drudge Report and Wall Street predicting dire things for our economy...

This verse helps me to "keep calm and carry on" :o)

Sheryl said...

amen! now to behave like i believe it....

Eliza J said...

Awesome scripture....we all need to be reminded of this from time to time...but also reminded, that it does not mean that our lives will be perfect....thanks