Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday...and off we go!

Is it Monday...already?
Wow...this morning started fast and furious.

Ian got up before 6am, got showered and dressed and ready to head out at 7am to help at vacation bible school with his friend, Jesse.

Seth got up around the same dressed, gulped down a peanut butter sandwich and headed off to run at the lagoon with the cross country team.

Chris was up too...sipping coffee and gearing up for a busy week at work. He gave me instructions on keeping the stucco patch moist...he took some time yesterday morning, on Father's Day, to get yet another thing checked off the home improvement list!

Seth got home at about 8:30...hopped in the shower...then ran right back out for his first driving lesson.


We spent the weekend watching Seth play two days worth of double headers. Luckily the weather wasn't too bad...we found some nice spots in the shade and enjoyed all baseball, all day.

Saturday night we had an early Father's Day celebration....dessert and gifts at my brothers house. The kids swam...the adults talked and laughed...we ate cake and cookies and coffee cake...then headed home happy and amped up on sugar!

After lots of running here and there all weekend and not spending a lot of time at home...the house is a MESS. Ice chests and snack bags and dirty uniforms galore. I've got my work cut out for me today...that's for sure. I have to get it done today as the boys and I are headed to Six Flags with some friends tomorrow for some roller coaster fun! I think it's going to be hot...a spin on the log ride might be in order. (We shall see...)

I've got to far I've been moving kinda slow. I got everyone up and out, watered the lawn, the garden and took the trash cans to the curb for pick up. I got my shower...made my bed...and started a load of laundry. But I gotta tell ya...the energy level is low, low, low. It doesn't help that it's supposed to be hot all week...thank goodness for central air conditioning.

How was your weekend?

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Nancy said...

sounds like you were in need of a diet coke! hope you had one to get you through the day.

first driving lesson? how'd that go? our youngest just finished hers last week. SO glad to have that off the list. i am much more relaxed with her driving than i was the oldest...must be something about that first one that makes a mama crazy.