Monday, May 9, 2011

Today is Monday.

Me and my boys
in 2005. Time goes
so fast...
Yesterday was Sunday. And Mother's Day. I went and picked up my mom around 9:30am and we headed out to the cemetery to take Noni some flowers. Mom got her a big, beautiful bouquet and I got her a corsage. Noni loved flowers. And she loved corsages. If she were still here I'd have given her a box of Almond Roca to go along with it.
We stayed a while arranging Noni's flowers...and talking to her a bit...telling her we missed her...and crying some. It was a nice time...and we know Noni would have appreciated it all.

I miss Noni...a lot.

Afterward mom and I went to get some lunch. We went to Panera for some soup and a sandwich and ended up sitting and talking for 2 and a half hours! But...that's nothing new for my mom and me. We always talk a lot. (You may have figured out by now...I can be a bit chatty. Ahem.) Chris knows that once I get on the phone with my mom it's gonna be a while. I love that my mom and I can talk like that...I love my mom.
She gave me a sweet card and a Starbuck's gift card for Mother's nice. She didn't need to do that. She and my dad also gave me a bag full of succulent clippings. Can't wait to get those planted!
I found my way home around 2:30 or so and walked in to a family happy to see me, a stack of cards and gifts and steaks marinating in the fridge! They'd washed dishes and the dog! I opened my cards that were very sweet and funny. I got a cool bird feeder, two packages of Ghirardelli chocolates and a Starbuck's gift card. Do my guys know me or what? They're very thoughtful gift givers. (And so is my brother, by the way. I'm always so impressed by his gift giving...her really thinks about what the person wants, or would like. He's a good gift giver.)
I relaxed the rest of the afternoon and into the evening while Chris and the boys prepared dinner for me. It was delicious! Steak and salad and corn on the cob and french bread. SO GOOD. Then...they even cleaned the kitchen afterward!
It was a great day. One of the best Mother's Day's ever I'd say.... is Monday. And Mother's Day is over. Today it's back to the real world and I have to take care of some stuff around here. It seems to have gotten out of hand again...piles, as always...piles, piles everywhere. And laundry. Laundry, laundry everywhere!
I'd like to plant some lettuce seeds. And get the succulent clippings in some soil. Maybe I'll find some time to make granola. I haven't done that in a while.
How was your Mother's Day? (I hope you were spoiled rotten!)


Talitha said...

What a wonderful day you had! I had a mellow day getting ready for my mom's arrival today. And I just now realized that the best gift I got was Monster cleaning her room. Ha! How funny is that? She hates cleaning it and I've chosen not to battle with her over it but with my mom coming to town, it was time. The funniest part is that she loves it now that it's clean! :)

teekaroo said...

My mother's day was enjoyable. I just posted about it, in fact. I did get a bit spoiled, but not too much. I'm having a hard time getting this week started as well.

Kamana said...

i have tried planting lettuce from seeds several times. but they never sprout. i wonder why.