Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday in the Word rest...not a worry in the world...

1 Chronicles 16:35

Cry out, “Save us, God our Savior; gather us and deliver us from the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name, and glory in your praise.”

I was out in the garage this morning...starting some laundry, feeding the chickens and then I noticed Reggie was out of water. I grabbed his water bucket, plopped it in the garage sink, and began to fill it up with water. Right at that moment I felt an overwhelming sense of thankfulness to God. That with the simple turn of a knob I was able to get fresh, clean, cool water for my dog.

Not to mention fresh water for my whole family...and for my garden...and the chickens...and to wash my car...or to rinse a little something sticky off my finger.

At that moment I realized how much I take water for granted. And not just many other things. Food, transportation, shelter, health, rest...and a comfortable place to do that. With the twist of that knob on the faucet I felt a rush of thoughts for others....and their desperate realities...and thankfulness for my own situation.

I felt a rush of compassion and sympathy for those in this world who are not as fortunate as I am. So many times, I have the nerve to complain about this or that or the other. But the reality is...I am blessed. So very blessed. And I need to be thankful...always.

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Rural Revival said...

Michelle, We are all very blessed. And it's also so very easy to forget some days. My children often ask if we are rich and the answer is never short but it is always yes!