Thursday, May 5, 2011


Oh my...the girls are being LOUD this morning! Good thing my neighbors find it humorous...or I could be in a lot of trouble.

We are getting new next door neighbors...they are going to be moving in over the next couple of days. They are a young couple...this is their first home...and they seem very nice. I went out to introduce myself to them yesterday...and then warned them that I have four chickens. "Oh! We want to get chickens, too!"


And, as it turns out, they know the young couple down the street as well as the pastor across the street. They were all walking up and down past our house last night and finally The Pastor shouts our names from the sidewalk, "Hey Takacs' (pronounced Tack-us), did you meet your new neighbors?" We went out front to chat a bit...and then the young man from down the street asked if we wanted to be part of the Memorial Day celebration he and his wife are putting a block party, a "stroll" of sorts. I'm thinking my offering will be DIY hot fudge sundaes.

As we talked a little more I learned that the young man down the street and his wife are going to raise rabbits...for manure and He was excited to hear we had chickens...said they'd wanted to but opted for rabbits instead...then mentioned something about bartering. Um...heck yeahhhh...!

I was really happy last night as I thought about all of, nice, God-loving neighbors, like-minded about self-sufficiency, possible opportunities to's an answer to prayer it seems. And then there's always that little whisper in the back of my mind about the possibility of needing to be prepared through hard times...and it's nice to know that others around us are thinking the same way.


teekaroo said...

Thank heaven for good neighbors. Mine are very tolerant of loud children. :) And I found that my gardening neighbor and I both have ill wishes toward a certain pine tree that casts way too much shade.

Mika said...

That is so wonderful! I dream of something like that!!! We just moved a few months ago onto our mini homestead and so far we've only met a couple of neighbors. We're the only ones with any livestock at all out of the 6 houses in this little area.

Rural Revival said...

Don't you love it when things some together like that! No doubt in my mind, that it is indeed a prayer answered. Perhaps more than one! : )


Denise said...

too funny - my neighbor just emailed asking if I wanted to go in on a share of grass fed beef! Rabbits for food though... I have a hard time with that one :)


Try to score as much bunny poop as you can. that stuff is golden.

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Can't remember if I told you about the COld Antler Farm blog. She raises meat rabbits.

I think it's beautiful that your neighbours are getting together to celebrate. I love our neighbours next door. THey are East Indian and Muslim and last year they invited us to their Eid celebration. (It follows the fasting of Ramadan.) It was so good to be included in their celebration and to experience their culture and friendship.

It's so good to feel like you're connected to your community. I grew up on the prairies of Canada and the culture there is very much one of looking out for your neighbours. In this day and age, I think we've largely moved away from that connectedness.

Mavis said...

YES! I LOVE happy chicken people :)