Monday, May 2, 2011

Planting the garden.

tomato plant.
We planted our vegetable garden yesterday. Finally! We've had our poor little vegetable plants sitting on the table on the deck for two weeks! (Or is it three?) I have to say...they look a lot happier in the ground.

We also, thanks to my helpful husband (who is getting into this whole garden thing), have a drip watering system installed. Each plant has its own little water's wonderful! No more hand watering. Well, except for the lettuce and the herbs and trees in pots. But that's fine...the majority of the watering will be done by timer.

We planted 10, yes, 10 tomato plants. Um...not sure what we were thinking. Actually, I do know what we were thinking...SALSA. We love homemade salsa. And we love it with fresh tomatoes and peppers from our garden. So there ya go.

Speaking of peppers...we planted six of them. Two jalapeno, two Anaheim, a purple bell pepper (because I love purple in the garden and do NOT like eggplant) and an heirloom purple hot pepper. It oughtta look pretty in the salsa. It says it's also good dried and made into mole for enchilada sauce. Sounds good!

Walla Walla onions...
We also planted one cucumber, because I'm really the only one who eats zucchini plant (although I am going to plant a few more seeds as we all like zucchini...especially prepared this way) and one Blue Hubbard squash...because they're a gray blue, I think they'll look pretty in the garden, and I wanted to try something new.

For the first time, we are going to try our hand at growing onions. I've never grown onions I'm excited to see how it works out. I got Walla Walla onions. It's what they had at the garden center...and we sort of bought them on a whim so I hadn't done any research as to which ones would be best to grow. Eventually I'll have my act together (I hope) and be a more organized gardener. Eventually...

Until then...we garden on the edge. Seth used to call me the "loose canon mom on the edge"...maybe we can change that to the "loose canon gardener on the edge"!

purple garden gloves...thanks Mavis!

Today I'm going to get back out there and plant some beans, lettuce and cantaloupe. Oh...and a few more zucchini seeds and some sunflowers! I got two varieties...I hope they come up. Ian and I planted some right before the days and days of rain and none of them sprouted. (Or they sprouted but I didn't know it and the chickens found the sprouts before I could! I'll never know.)

I purchased some herbs yesterday...more sage, basil, parsley and thyme (quite possibly my favorite)...two varieties, English and creeping. We have a sage plant that survived from last year. It's not pretty...but it's alive. It grew out from under a pot it's stem is really long and the actual growth is about a foot away from where it's rooted.

Like I's not pretty. But it's alive. stays.

It was a great day to get outside and plant. At the warmest point I think it was about 80-something degrees. But there was a breeze off and on so it kept it quite cool.

Not to mention, the pecan tree still hasn't been trimmed. And it provides more shade than we want. We're still waiting on PG&E to come by and trim the parts that are dangerously close to the power lines so we can get a tree trimmer in to prune the rest. Can't's shading a lot of our garden expansion. Sort of defeating the purpose, ya know?

Welp...better get a move on. I've got lots to do today. Gotta get those seeds planted, dust and vacuum, clean the bathroom, mop the kitchen floor and try and keep up with the laundry piles!

How was your weekend? Did you get any gardening done?


Denise said...

garden preparation. two weekends of taking down trees so that the garden would get more sun. probably will wait two more weeks to plant as weather is still iffy. way to go on all your efforts!!

teekaroo said...

I love actually getting things in the ground. They seem much happier there. I've already planted six tomatoes and I plan to put in at least 3 more. I've never grown more tomatoes than we could use and I would like to. :) That blue squash sounds fun too. I'm hoping to find something fun like that at the farmer's market this saturday.

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Your garden is going to be wonderful! I predict the garden fever will really bite your men in time, too. I accidentally left two heirloom tomato plants out overnight (I was hardening them off) and they got frost nipped. Actually killed them :-( I'm so sad. Thankfully, I have plenty of starts going well under grow lights; these were going to be my early treats.

Carissa said...

My hubby is out of commission with a bum knee, thankfully though my church family came to the rescue and not only tilled our garden, but more than doubled it for me.... I'm a happy camper (and so thankful)! Looking forward to planting our plants around the 2nd to 3rd week of May!!!

Sounds like your garden is coming along quite nicely!!! I'm so happy for you! :-)

And I'm right there with you with the ever growing mounds of laundry!!! The thought of laundry ever being completely done is just a tease! ;-)

Love Carissa

Beegirl said...

Sounds great!! It is soooo incredibly wet here we will be lucky to be able to plant by June. Trays of tomatoes under the grow lamps waiting for me. Best with the onions and soak up some sun for me!! I'm still popping the vitamin d supplements... Sigh...

Rural Revival said...

Sounds like a lovely garden! It's a bit too early for us yet. Our frost date is still three weeks away but we have been able to plant lettuces and swiss chard, and our fall garlic is doing well. Here's to a wonderful gardening season!


Nancy said...

love that you're planning for salsa. and zucchini cakes. yum on both counts. hope you'll share pics of the blue/grey squash; never seen one. good job on all your hard word.