Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've been spending a lot of time at home lately. And I love it. Really. I love it so much. A few weeks ago I was spending a lot of time at home in preparation for the boutique. Then the next week was Thanksgiving and the boys were home on vacation so we spent a lot of time around the house. Now this week...I'm sick! (Not the best way to be home, but I'm home nonetheless. So I'm staying warm and cozy and comfy and using this time to peruse blogs and do some meal planning and online window shopping for Christmas.)

I love being at home. Did I already say that? I do. I believe it allows me to be more myself. When I'm home I feel like I'm doing what I was created to do...take care of my home and my family. And that feels good.

Being home so much lately has allowed me to slow down. And in slowing down I've been able to do more, it seems. I am planning meals, keeping the house a little tidier, catching up on laundry (you know...those sweaters and dress shirts and blankets that get left at the bottom of the hamper because they aren't immediately needed? Yeah, I washed those yesterday. Uh-huh.) and, dare I admit, baking. This came out of necessity yesterday...I had no lunch snacks and wasn't feeling well and doing my best to avoid the grocery store. (You know I'm sick if I avoid the grocery store...I like to shop for groceries. I know...) I had some frozen shredded zucchini and some frozen pumpkin puree and decided to turn it into muffins. I found a good recipe...made a few changes such as less sugar, applesauce rather than oil...and whipped up some yummy muffins last night. Baked goods = happy family.

Home. It's a good place to be.


Jeannine said...

It IS a good place to be.

It's never good to be sick, but C.S. Lewis wrote that he secretly enjoyed being under the weather so he could stay in bed and read all day. :)

Hope you feel better soon. xoxo

teekaroo said...

I agree. I love being home.

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Hope you're feeling better soon - just in time for the weekend! Take good care of yourself, too!

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Home is where the heart is.

I couldn't agree with you more...making your house a home that you want to spend in is such a gift...and so comforting.

Talitha said...

Funny, you sound like you're enjoying yourself in spite of being sick. Like Jeannine said about C.S. Lewis. And those muffins sound YUMMY! Happy family, indeed. :)

Mari said...

Sorry you were/are sick...hope you are feeling better.

I am jealous of you being home..ha. I will get there soon too. I really am glad you have been able to spend this time doing what you love to do. I can't wait to do that again too. I fulfills us somehow. I think it makes our household run better and my man at least will eat better once I'm doing "my job" again. Ha.

Hugs to you my dearie.

Kamana said...

i love being home too and fully agree with baked yumminess being equal to a happy family.

Earth Mama said...

I whole-heartedly agree! Although my home right now just seems to be spinning wildly with rampant's still where I'd most rather be. And I LOVE baking! Not so much the cleaning, but baking...always.


Baby Mama said...

I love to be home too. I recently started working from home and it feels amazing. I agree; it makes me feel more like ME. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with C.S. Lewis, being it's about the only time I stay home.

Isn't it nice to be doing all that without feeling rushed. I wish for that more often.

Nancy said...

home sweet home...i agree. love being there. just wish i was there more than i am.